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Why do TRPs have triple points for rarity?

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I fail to understand why TRPs, especially for the US with its known high tech artillery prowess, should cost thrice their baseline price (150 to buy but with Rarity 450). Frankly, this strikes me as being ludicrous, for when it comes to running FS, what could be more commonplace than TRPs?  Could someone please explain this to me, since I absolutely don't understand the logic here? As it is, I appear to be buying, the "Golly gee, Mr. Wizard!" scandalous cost overrun variety, as opposed to the eight digit grid cross on the map type. Are mine engrossed by a monk and done in gold leaf, perhaps?




John Kettler

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There's two flavors of TRPs IRL:

1. Unit internal.  These are usually used for direct fire planning. Instead of trying to figure out which white building Blue 3 is reporting contact by, ahead of the battle we all agreed the white building is TRP 2.  They're also useful for maintaining sectors of fire (I only shoot the tanks between TRP 1, the windmill, and TRP 2, the white house).

2. Pre-planned fires.  These are less common.  It's not just the grid, it's the grid being entered into the joint fires network, all the "math" done in advance etc.  In practice for Company type missions we'd usually get allocated 1-2 artillery targets per phase of the operation.  Sometimes you'd get more, sometimes you'd get less, but generally there's a finite limit to how many "targets" you can put into the system (not exactly a hardware problem, as much as a time and resource management issue).  I find the price quite reasonable for the reasons previously mentioned.  

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