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5 sec forward and 5 sec backward


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Dat's not what he's after, Vinnart. He's talking about the "FFwd" ( >> ) and "Rwd" ( << ) buttons on the reply, and I share his hopes. One day, most everything in the UI will be assignable to any key you want. Hopefully.


Kantata, unfortunately that's not possible at this time, but BFC have said they're doing a big interface revamp at some point, so hopefully your suggestion can go on the list of things to consider implementing at that time. It's already a big list, though.

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I think a better solution would be for the game in general to become more friendly to macros.  I think some of the stuff they've done like target armor arc and target light has has improved the game quite a bit to start with.  With more player control though it could be fantastic.  I'd love to have a way to setting a punctuated walk for 3-4 man squads, so that they can cover open ground in relative safety.    

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So instead of hitting the FFW RWD buttons repeatedly during the 1 min replay we think an option to automate that would be helpful?

Granted it would be nice. But not high on the UI list I think.



If you consider keybinds "automation", perhaps. I'd call it "shortcuts" or "quality of life" improvements. Some people really prefer using the keyboard over the mouse for many things.

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