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Oryx's Blog on Syrian T-72's

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Thanks for sharing.


The most advanced improvements of these T-72 are represented in shock force right now.


What strikes of those images of "upgraded" T-72s is the extremist slat armor application (while the additional boxes are most probably empty spaced armor elements). It's an evident example of local modification intended for a very specific battlefield (such as the Syrian civil war), against a very specific weapon (RPG mainly). Several other details suggest the adaptation to a urban or mixed environment, where a front "bumper" might seem useful to protect the front tracks from hitting a wall and some more metal wire grids protect the visors.


The visual representation shows a very interesting evolution. From a standard T-72 with 1st generation ERA, to a field modification with a few sandbags, wood logs, metal sheets, up to the use of locally installed wire meshes, and finally reaching a dedicated factory kit with spaced armor and slat cages.


The only mistake in the article regards the NSVT "shields", in reality those "shields" are not intended to protect the commander when operating the rooftop MG (not a case they face frontwards, not backwards such as the MG, and they are of very thin metal, half being just tarpaulin)), they are a protection for the commander against harsh weather elements while the tank is running and he is outside his hatch, these were very common on older T-72 and most probably retained since the vehicles acquisition.

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Unless the Caliphate has the maintenance and logistics train to keep these vehicles operating as anything more than sweltering steel bunkers the question is of borderline interest.


Well I'm afraid they do have a maintenance and logistic train that can rival the Iraqi army. Unfortunately.

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