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[RELEASED] Juju's TweakedUI v5

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Although I expected v4 (final) to be the definitive version of TweakedUI for CM:BN, it was -obviously- not to be.

After many requests i've finally decided to update TweakedUI to include full support for CM:FI and its Gustav line module. There are also a few other tweaks/additions that affect both games:



- CM:FI base game and Gustav line module are now fully supported.

- New unique portraits for Canadian, Polish and NZ forces.

- New Bren weapon slot icon.

- Cosmetic updates to loading bars and command buttons.

- Optional French language splash background for CM:BN.


Get it now in at GaJ's ! The repository will follow shortly, as usual. NOTE: You will find this mod in the CM:BN section!





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Just downloaded and installed.  As always, a magnificent effort.  Much appreciated...makes things so much easier to see and keep up with for my rotten eyesight.


If I only used one mod for these two games...this would be it.


Well done.



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This looks great!  Thank you very much.


One thing I noticed:  there does not appear to be a hi-res red cross replacement for the file "breda38 yellow.bmp".


Dang, you're right. In fact, I see all the optional wounded icons for that particular gun are missing. Tsk. How sloppy. :( Thanks for pointing it out, though. Bound to happen with so many files. I'm not going to update the mod for this, but I might post the missing files here. 

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