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Great book & CMSF UK scenario possibilities, too

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My youngest brother, Charles, lent me, via his Kindle™, a wonderful account by a female combat medic in Afghanistan. Chantelle Taylor not only did the required courses in her filed, but she made it a point to undergo specialized infantry training, but also got herself privately mentored by a veteran sergeant and mastered all the weaponry for an infantry company. Her book, BATTLEWORN: Diary of a Combat Medic in Afghanistan, is not only first rate, but it's so detailed I believe a bunch of scenarios could be built from it as well. The quote, taken from this book site, says it all. Having devoured the book, which I accomplished in two days, I'd say the first sentence is a bit overblown, in that there is precious little in the book on being a woman, other than in terms of early life, having to prove herself as a soldier in a male dominated environment and of trying to keep a relationship going as engaged soldiers in two different units. Other than that, the rest of the passage is, if anything, understated. How good she was may be inferred from that facts that she emerged the top medic in her regiment and was offered a commission, too. 

‘Every inch a woman and every inch a warrior. In peace and war Taylor is as radiant as gold and as tough as diamond’ Sam Kiley - author of Desperate Glory and Foreign Affairs Editor of Sky News. Chantelle Taylor joined the British Army in 1998 as a combat medical technician. Ten years later she made history, becoming the first female soldier to kill a Taliban fighter in close-quarter combat while on patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. In Battleworn, she tells the story of B Company, a beleaguered group of individuals who fought relentlessly to hold Nad-e Ali, a dusty, sweltering hellhole surrounded by the Taliban. A routine patrol into an area saturated with enemy fighters escalates into a seven-week siege. Facing the possibility of death daily, Taylor writes of gun battles and perilous patrols, culminating in the extraction of more than sixty-six casualties with four killed in action. A powerful story written with a humility that captures the sometimes impalpable humour of soldiers at war, Battleworn provides a testament to combat medics all over the world. It highlights the crucial role that they play in today’s 360-degree battlefield.


The level of detail in this book (excellent game chrome) is amazing, and the insights into the nits and grits of coping with constant casualties, little support and a determined enemy every ready to pounce are second to none. I'd call this a very intimate look at life in the modern UK combat infantry. Nor will you ever look at supply truck drivers the same, either.




John Kettler



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I get notifications when my book/name is mentioned and wanted to take the time to respond to your very kind words. Possibly one of the best reviews that I have come across so thank you very much. Like I say in the book, I believe that it is all about balance regardless of where or who you are - not a militant feminist nor a crowd pleaser I hope that maybe some day to set an example for my own offspring and anyone who happens to be around me or read my story. We need some alternative role models (each has their place) to ensure that we continue to thrive, even in the ****tiest circumstances. I post the alternative stories on my page along with quotes and poems, I have attached a couple.

Kindest regards









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