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Getting into more complex builds. Is it worth it?

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Ok no shader, no ps, exact cropped screen grabs.                              

Sainte Marie Du Mont with new grass, Bushes and trees from Hedgerow Hell mod, (highly recommended)...   Beautiful natural countryside around Sainte Marie Du Monts, where para fought pa

Caratan Causeway map: Work in progress.                          

3 hours ago, Falaise said:

it's superb, you two make sparks
the game is transformed

Pure coincidence that we are working on complimentary mods at the same time and when CMBN is somewhat quiet. Though I think it’s safe to say that NPye has been working on his mods for a lot longer. It’ll be great to see some of his maps and mods in game and, if the BF/Steam thing works out well and they add CMBN to Steam as well, it’ll be fantastic for new players to see what can be done with the game engine. Who knows this may even inspire a whole new generation of mod makers to chip in.

 @Falaise you’ll be pleased to know that I am quite close to finishing my Hedgerow Hell mod. Working on the last of the crops at the moment, hoping to do justice to Le Lin for you. I’ve done wheat, am finishing oats, and collating some good sample images for flax. When these are done I only have the marsh doodads left to make!

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Hi @NPye and @Lucky_Strike , guys, I am happy that you found both a colleague with almost the same idea and the same stubborn will,
...searching the best way close to the perfection of graphics with the new tool, that is now of every mouths and in almost every good graphics games, the famous and essentials helpfull Reshade, let us enjoy and dreams together both  yours screenshots...
"qui se ressemblent  s'assemblent" !!
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58 minutes ago, MikeyD said:

BFC's looking at this stuff and thinking "This is what out games could look like if only we dumped the hack who currently does our art." ;)

LOL - I can only take my hat off to you original creators 🎩 Where would we be without you?

NPye has been at this one for years! And I just spent the best part of half a year playing with doodads, and still not finished!

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9 hours ago, Aquila-SmartWargames said:

Outstanding screenshots, is there already a way to download all of these mods and specifically the reshade profile(s), I want to combine it with the Hedge Hell mod.

@Aquila-SmartWargames@NPye isn’t using ReShade unfortunately, he’s running CM on a Mac. I haven’t asked him if he’s got a Movie Mode shader which could be used. That would be an easy share and it might then be possible to make a LUT for ReShade that recreates a lot of the effects he is adding to the screen shots. If not then I still think the look should be doable in ReShade, I might have a go at reverse-engineering it when I finish my Hedgerow Hell mod

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