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How many licenses?

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Per the manual (always a good place to start)


Additional Activations
Our End User License Agreement allows you to have the game activated on one PC and one backup PC. Our online activation system enforces this limit, but will allow you two additional activations without asking questions (so called "Overflow Activations"). These Overflow Activations are meant to be used when you switch to a new PC and would like to continue playing the game on the new PC.


For details of implications if you intend to try and maintain those 3 activations I would suggest going to the BF helpdesk.

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CM Afghanistan utilizes eLicense (like CMSF) rather than the newer copy-protection system that the rest of the CMx2 series starting with CMBN does. ELicense allows you to have two (2) concurrent activations. You have to UNLICENSE an install in order to move it to another computer or before making significant changes to your computer (hardware and some software updates).


The newer copy-protection system that Black Sea and others has allows for up to four (4) activations. However once you make significant changes to your computer, it is no longer recognized as being the same and you have to run a 'gsClean' utility to delete the current (now invalid) activation and then reactivate again. If you had made 4 activations already, then you would need to contact the Helpdesk to request another activation for the game (providing your license key in the request). With eLicnese you can unlicense the game, make your changes, and then reactivate the game. The newer system simply 'burns through' the activations and you have to request more if you have used up your initial 4 activations.

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