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Trying to re-install Normandy

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I have been trying to sort out the re-installation of CM Normandy for the last two weeks and it has been a nightmare.


I re-installed the base game without difficulty, then re-installed the Commonwealth module and Upgrade 3.0 which is where this nightmare started. Although I had installed and activated the Commonwealth modules were grayed out with a red error message on the right than side informing me tha the Commonwealth module is required and to visit the Battlefront site for details.


I have uninstalled and re-installed several times and submitted a ticket to the help desk but am still no further forward. Since the new activation system was brought in has anyone else had a problem re-installing Normandy and were you able to resolve it? If so, how?

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Have you a problem downloading the new Master Installer - which combines all modules and base game into one install ?


Unless you have bandwidth issues, that is the way to go and should resolve your problems.

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I did it just recently with a new machine and it was flawless (sorry man). When reading your post this part stood out:


I re-installed the base game without difficulty, then re-installed the Commonwealth module and Upgrade 3.0


You do not have to install things in steps any more.  If you have the 3.0 upgrade for CMBN then that is all you need.   It is distributed as a master installer with everything - even the modules you have not purchased yet.  So the install procedure should be to unzip the contents of the 3.0 master installer into a new blank directory, run the install program and pick a new directory and then start the game which should ask for your 3.0 key.  Shut down.  Then you run the activate modules short cut and enter your CW key. Play!   You are done no other installing to do. If you purchase the market garden or the vehicle pack all you need to do is run the activate modules command again and enter the key.

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