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Trouble contacting the BF website

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Last month I bought a download copy of Market Garden, (I paid with pay-pal) however the link I got was for the Combat Mission 3.0 update which purchased earlier last month. So I thought no problem I'll just email the guys at Battlefront.com and we'll sort it out. I emailed the customer service link and the e-license link after about six days both emails bounced back to me. After that I tried another two times. Then I messaged the battlefront Facebook page, but got no response. Later I got a friend to try to contact the website on my behalf, but he had his email bounce back it him. I don't know maybe it's because we live in the U.K, but can someone Battlefront please contact me so I can sort out my downloading issues.  

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Humm you are the second person to say this today...  I already passed on the fact that customer facing web pages give email addresses that do not seem to work so hopefully they will fix that up.


In the mean time your issue is probably a non issue.  The way the games are being distributed going forward and CMBN is the first to have this is as one big install.  If you installed the 3.0 package you already have the contents for Market Garden.  All you need to do is launch the activate module app and enter your MG code.

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Best open a support ticket




Sorta ninja'd by @Wicky.  I was going to add the link but I see it is there in the message quote.  Then I deleted my first draft only to find that the link is not there in @Wicky's post above.  How is that possible?  At any rate the link is http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/

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