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Preview of the first Battle Pack

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Thanks H, that's really  good to hear :)

there are so many victory locations I found that I really had about 6 separate battles going on within the big one.

Yeah, the idea there is that there's really too many VLs so you have to pick and choose the ones you want, and even then find you're likely to find yourself spread all over the show. You get a good number of troops, but there's a big area to cover :D


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Battlepack 1: The Great Swan Northern France and Belgium September 1944   In just two months, between 6th June and mid August, the Allied armies in Normandy destroyed the cream of the 1944 German

I’ve written elsewhere that I think ‘balance’ – let alone ‘well balanced’ – is an impractical and illusory design objective, and so I don’t really consider it as a specific design criteria anymore. Wh

Good news team. There's a couple of minor technical issues to resolve first, but at this stage it looks like the BP will be released mid-to-late September. Yay!

The Battle Pack's documentation references some Goodies:


Goodies and Extras
A zip file containing
- Scenario loading screen mod, showing the front line in North West Europe on a day-by-day
basis from 6 June through to the end of September
- Topographical maps and aerial photos for scenarios, used for the creation of the scenarios in
Battle Pack 1, and usable as planning tools while playing
- PDF copy of The story of the 23rd Hussars, 1940-1946 unit history
The Goodies and Extras file is offered as a seperate 300MB download, available from https://battlefront.sharefile.com/share#/view/[rest of link removed, not sure whether it's ok to share]

Has anyone managed to download this? Following the link just leads me to a more or less empty page (there's only the Battlefront logo at the topic, rest of the page is empty), but does not give me a download. Downloading installers, patches etc. from battlefront.sharefile.com used to work, so I don't think the issue is with my browser...

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