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Allied AAR - CMPzC Campaign: The Road to Eindhoven - Dommelen Battle (hex 1, 6)

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Following with great interest.  Of course, cringing a bit seeing your tanks so close to the buildings.  Can't be avoided, but as long as you have good support from the groundpounders, things "should" go well...


Thanks.  Yeah I am taking a slight risk pushing around the edge so fast with out securing more buildings, and as you saw I did get punished a bit.  The pay off of being able to partially cut of retreat should be worth it.  Mind you if I have two burning wrecks in a few minutes I'll feel different.  Those buildings near the tanks are getting a fair amount of the lead treatment so I believe the risk is low enough to take.  Time will tell if I made a good call or not.  Loosing two Bren gunners last turn is going to cause my problems with house clearing though.

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Holy Moly!


Hidden ATG!


Holding my breath big time!!!


Dang it - I just watched the turn.  The amazing thing is that is pretty much the last place I saw that AT gun way back when it was being brought up.  What the heck is it doing there?  It is a totally insane place to use to defend the town.  I expected it to be keyholed between some buildings not hiding behind them.  Crap took the risk and lost a tank.  Another one is at risk.  Not a good moment.

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...  It is a totally insane place to use to defend the town.  I expected it to be keyholed between some buildings not hiding behind them.  Crap took the risk and lost a tank.  Another one is at risk.  Not a good moment.


We haven't seen what you're talking about yet, but when you say "totally insane place to use..." followed by "... lost a tank"

- perhaps not so insane... :lol:


Great AAR btw :)

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Minute 13-12:
Well the risk I took to cut off the retreat ended in a bit explosion and the loss of a tank. That AT gun that I saw entering town way back in minute 38 is right where I last saw it. Now that was unexpected because it is tucked in behind some trees at the back side of town. I have no idea what it is covering except oh the exact place my tanks are going. One more tank down and another at risk. Also nearby my men are encountering actual resistance around the church.
The good news is the artillery stopped falling on the force in the centre of the map.


Figure 137 Lost tank


Figure 138 Resistance

Minute 12: Orders
My orders are simple get that second tank out of there. You will notice that they are popping smoke and returning fire and backing up right away. In the centre the infantry will come out of hiding but just spend the turn looking for threats while the tanks move back up and pound the house across form the farm. Assault plans to follow based on what they see.


Figure 139 Move up and fire



Figure 140 Get back!





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Oh, no it was the HQ tank from Stg Jerremy's platoon.  I have not been spending time writing narrative stuff this time due to being too busy so I have not been paying attention to characters.  Oh man I'll report back once I see the next turn / replay this one to figure out his fate.

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The Fate of Sgt. Jeremy
The fate of Sgt. Jeremy had to be pieced together long after the action. His body was found at the edge of town along with his driver. The rest of the crew were trapped in the tank. The first hit from the AT gun did not seriously injure anyone but it did damage the tank. Those frantic moments before the next hit were spent getting the smoke launched and attempting to get into revers. The second hit disabled the tank and the loss of two crew members along with three members of 5 platoon who were nearby. Sgt. Jeremy made the decision to bail out of the tank when the driver told him the engine had died. A third hit from the AT gun stated a fire and left only Sgt. Jeremy and his driver. Sgt. Jeremy was able to pull his driver to safety but no one else. With the bullets flying and more rounds from that AT gun exposing around them they ran past the nearby infantry around the corner of the nearest house right into a German fire team. Pvt. Anderson from 5 platoon who was injured recounted those final moments but only days later from his field hospital bed.


We saw the tank get hit and hit again. It was the second hit on the tank that injured me. I saw the flames start in the rear. In the confusion moments later Sgt. Jeremy and one of his crew ran past me looking for cover. I was already being pulled to safety by Pvt. O’Brien when they went by. I saw them turn the corner of the next building and suddenly stop. He pulled out his pistol and started firing but he only got a single shot off before a hail of bullets hit him full on.  His crewman fell just seconds later without seeming to even react. He was moving slower and seemed to be already wounded.


Figure 141 Sgt. Jeremy confronts the foe


Figure 142 Both the Sgt. and his driver fall




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