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Allied AAR - CMPzC Campaign: The Road to Eindhoven - Dommelen Battle (hex 1, 6)

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Minute 25-24:
6 Platoon was not hit by artillery although they did get a surprise and suffer a casualty from an MG in the town that managed to see them through the smoke.


Figure 73 Advance


Figure 74 Found an MG team

5 platoon’s town assault cleared on house and found and killed the occupants of the next house.


Figure 75 Take out town resistance

Meanwhile one squad of 4 platoon managed to get a Bren Gun team with eyes on that AT gun behind the barn.


Figure 76 Well look at that an AT Gun

Minute 24: Orders
Pretty basic orders. 5 platoon clears the next house. 6 Platoon continues its advance across the field and 4 Platoon continues its advance along the river. The Bren Gun team with eyes on the AT gun are ordered to fire. The distances is 586m so I am not sure how effective it will be.


Figure 77 Clear the next house



Figure 78 Continue the advance



Figure 79 Fire on the At gun



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So it might be hard to tell from the pictures but that MG that caused all the problems is right at the end of that first row of houses.  There is a tall wall along the back of all those houses so I could send a squad along the backs of those houses with out having to worry about the house occupants and attack that MG from behind.  The only fly in the ointment would be if there was a team in the next block of houses that could mess that up.


The other issue is that would be a pretty gamey thing to do. :)  Chances are they are going to loose sight of 6 platoon in the smoke in a moment anyway and they will go down once I clear those buildings anyway.

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Oh I'm there.  I saw some of his guys heading that way last turn.  I was thinking it was a big gamey because 5 platoon has no idea where that MG is because 6 platoon is busy running for their lives. Once they get to the farm and treeline they can radio the MG's position in and then 5 platoon's Lt can start ordering such a move.  I guess I am thinking about Bil's cool new C3 restrictions.


But as you pointed out we are not playing that way.  I actually sent a Bren team to cover that area and can do more in the coming turns.

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Minute 24-23:
The assault on the town is under way – house by house. 6 platoon is nearly across the field. 4 platoon continues to make progress along the river and the Bren gunner got a couple of shots off at that AT Gun – enough to make the crew duck for cover.



Figure 80 Next house



Figure 81 Nearly there


Figure 82 Suppress the AT gun

Minute 23: Orders
My orders are all pretty straight forward. 5 platoon is going to clear the next building. The MG gun at the end of this row of houses had some troops arrive and appear to go behind the tall wall. I sent a Bren gun team to take up a position to prevent anyone from coming that way. I think it wold be worth considering sending a section that way as the rest of the platoon continues their clearing work. At some point I need to get the tanks across that opening but I am still worried about that AT gun by the barn.


Figure 83 Clear the next house



Figure 84 Nearly there






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Minute 23-22:
6 Platoon has come under fire from that barn AT gun. It failed to hit the section cross the open but did cause a casualty in the trailing section that already lost a man to the MG. They are now shaken.


Figure 85 At gun firing on farm approach

The house clearing continues with not further resistance.


Figure 86 Clearing houses

A few rounds hit near the barn but this is going to take a while to bring down. Good thing 4 platoon is also working is way to assault the gun position.


Figure 87 Fire on barn

Minute 22: Orders
Even though the rest of 6 platoon will stay in the treeline the one section that did make it to the farm will start clearing. Given that there we received no fire from the farm I think it is abandoned. This will confirm that or at least confirm if there is any real resistance presence.


Figure 88 Start clearing farm


House clearing continues. If this goes without more resistance I’m going to start doing two houses at a time. Meanwhile 3 section will head for behind the back yards.


Figure 89 Continue clearing houses (and flank MG)

6 platoon’s mortar team will stop in the field and put some smoke down near the farm to block that barn AT gun from harassing the rest of the platoon.


Figure 90 Block AT gun's LOF







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  Sorry, I'm just now catching up...RL...Ugh!!


  Noooo, not Chappy.  Are you sure that wasn't Chappy's evil twin brother?  Chappy had a little too much grog the night before and his twin subbed in for him on the assault.  Or...Maybe it is...uh....Only a flesh wound, yes?


  I agree with Nathangun...Hornet's nest it is, although probably an understatement.


  Who the heck was the show-off who was 30 meters ahead of everyone else running up along the line of houses?  All sprint champion for 1940?  I see he made it safely into that second building.  Maybe the guys behind him were shooting "near him" to make him run faster.  I don't think anyone really likes that guy.


  Great screen shots.  You have us right in the middle of the action. 



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Minute 22-21:
Over on the left 5 platoon continues to clear houses at the edge of town.


Figure 91 More house clearing

In the centre 6 platoon cleared the first building in the arm. They even managed to fire back at that MG that has been harassing them. No more fire from that AT gun this turn.


Figure 92 Assaulting the farm

Minute 21: Orders
I am not very happy with the tank fire on the barn. The shots seem to be landing short. So, I made a few tweaks to their fire orders and had the Bren gun team move further along the treeline to get a better shot at the AT gun. Their fire does seem to be keeping the crew’s heads down.


Figure 93 Firing on the barn

5 platoon 1 and 2 sections have orders to clear two houses next turn. Meanwhile 3 section continues to work on flanking that MG.


Figure 94 House clearing



Figure 95 Working towards the MG






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The next minutes are going to be interesting.  What is the expression "stuff is about to get real".  That's it right :)


Minute 21-20:
5 platoon continues to clear houses without meeting any resistance. I expect that might change when they get to the end of the row. The enemy artillery barrage began falling – on the small farm where 5 platoon started its assault on the town. 1 troop is still there but the artillery had no effect on the tanks and was much too late to hit the infantry. I hope that my constant harassing fire on the church steeple caused delays for the enemy.


Figure 96 Covering fire

My flanking section found the enemy. They exchanged fire but neither side scored a hit.


Figure 97 Found the enemy

The AT gun turned to face the Bren team that has been firing on them. This could be scary.


Figure 98 AT gun faces tormentors

4 troop’s fire brings down the barn just as the turn ended.


Figure 99 Down goes the barn

Minute 20: Orders
Time to go. The tanks for 1 and 2 troop advance to where they can best support their infantry. 2 troop will move across the field and get into a spot between buildings where neither known AT gun can see them. 1 troop will also use the farm to shield them from the AT gun at the barn and the rest of the town will protect them from the AT gun in the woods.

There is another AT gun behind or in the town. 1 troop fired on their last known passion for a long time through the smoke screen so hopefully they are not in a good location. Once that smoke screen lifts things will get interesting fast.


Figure 100 2 troop moves to the farm


Figure 101 1 troop moves to the edge of town


Figure 102 More house clearing

My section flanking the MG will stop and eliminate the spotted enemy. You can see the final way point of their lead supporting tank just behind them.


Figure 103 Stop and fire









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Minute 20-19:
The town house clearing continues with no additional resistance. I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of ammo on empty buildings, but that is better than the alternative.
1 Troop successfully drove through the barrage with no ill effects. They are not quite at the town yet but very close.


Figure 104 Through the barrage

3 section, 5 platoon found their aim and dispatched a member of the MG’s protection detail.


Figure 105 Flanked

The AT Gun in the woods opened up on 4 platoon. It is time to stop repeating the same mistake. That AT gun has a clear field of fire into that area and I need to get some smoke between it and my men.


Figure 106 Same mistake

Minute 19: Orders
Tanks keep coming to join their infantry. The main smoke screen is starting to dissipate and I want those tanks to be in AT gun blind spots. Once that smoke screen lifts the tanks will be needed to shoot up any resistance in the town and they also have to find that remaining AT gun.


Figure 107 Tanks advance on town



Figure 108 Advance to farm






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Yes, I am resisting the urge to assume the houses are empty because when I do that history shows me I suffer. I am fairly sure they are empty.

Not sure if you are talking only about my write up or if you have looked ahead. I have two turns I am about to write up and the lunch pin gun is dealt with but I am still having issues with the one in the woods.

I'll have more to say shortly but my assessment is I can take the town but I am not sure about the village because that gun in the woods is restricting the ability of the tanks on right to manoeuvre to support an assault in the village. With time running out it is not clear if I can deal with that gun and get an assault going on the town.

Having said that I have seen no movement and received no fire from the village in several minutes so a scout team to check it out min be in order.

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Yeah the one in the woods is preventing me from assaulting the village but the town is going to be mine.  Mind you there is another AT gun in there so that could cause a big surprise when I finally find it.  I just hope that it is not in a position to engage any tanks right off the bat.  The one in the woods can just rot :)

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Minute 19-18:
The smoke around the town is mostly cleared now. My centre farm group can see some enemy contacts in town now. On the edge of town it looks like the MG team and friends have displaced and retreated into town. My men managed to catch them in the open briefly.


Figure 109 Town contacts


Figure 110 Caught in the open

The big news is the barn AT gun has been taken out. No one had eyes on it when it happened but two near simultaneous HE explosions happened and once the smoke cleared it could be seen that it was knocked out.


Figure 111 HE finds home


Figure 112 Finally!

Minute 18: Orders
On the right the orders are to switch fire towards the woods AT gun.


Figure 113 Next threat

In the centre my men will fire on the known contacts and the suspected contacts.


Figure 114 Town contacts

On the left the house clearing continues and the move down the back yards is nearly complete. Too bad the MG most likely go away.


Figure 115 House clearing



Figure 116 Final push down the back yards









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Minute 18-17:
On the left flank the second last house is about to be entered and the flanking section is approaching the end of the back yard wall. In the centre all hell broke loose and a rain of artillery landed in the farm yard. One tank commander and a couple of infantry were casualties. That AT gun in the woods put a whole in a tank too – no casualties but the main gun is toast and the crew bailed.


Figure 117 House clearing


Figure 118 Closing the final meters


Figure 119 Ouch


Figure 120 More ouch

Minute 17: Orders
The orders are pretty simple. In the centre, pull back from the artillery or hide in the building you are in. On the right fire on that woods AT gun and on the left finish clearing those houses.


Figure 121 Pullback


Figure 122 Last house

Minute 17-16:
No further casualties at the farm. The tanks managed to pull back and the infantry managed to find cover. The final house in the row at the edge of town is not clear and the MG team is confirmed gone. I did briefly see a half track loaded that appeared to be withdrawing.


Figure 123 Harmless artillery


Figure 124 Final house cleared

Minute 16: Orders
I also took some sporadic fire from the village. The team that scouts ahead will have to be careful. I also moved the Bren gun up to return fire.


Figure 125 At the village

If I am right about an attempted withdrawal from the town I would like to get into a position to ruin it. To do that I want to get 3 section into that house on the far right of the town, once they are there I can safely move the tank section up to cover the open ground behind the town. To do that I am going to bypass those first three houses just past the houses I have already cleared. So the plan looks like this. Members of 1 and 2 section will fire on those houses as best they can along with the tanks. Once some fire has started 3 section will make a break for that key house. If thing go smoothly I can then move tanks up next turn to get eyes behind the town.


Figure 126 Aggressive flanking move












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Minute 16-15:
The artillery keeps falling – but hurts no one at all. The AT gun in the woods is silent and taking fire. The Defenders in the village have started popping up and firing – my men fire back. In the town there are defenders in the church but they have also hurt no one and are about to feel some HE. 3 section on the left has just reached the door of their goal.


Figure 127 Return fire


Figure 128 Just about there

Minute 15: Orders
No new orders on the right (still firing on the village and the AT gun) and centre (still hiding from artillery). On my left though I bring up the tanks to finish off the enemy in the church and am set to swing behind that far left hand house to see the open ground behind the town. Hopefully there is no AT gun sitting there in the woods.


Figure 129 Flank


Figure 130 Supporting tanks

Minute 15-14:
The only place with much happening is on my left in the town. In the middle the artillery continues to fall and on the left I fear to move without knowing what the status of that AT Gun in the woods is. Back where the action is my risky move to bypass several house so that the tanks can get a view of any retreat happening ran into trouble – someone in the bypassed house. My men pay the price. Thankfully only one casualty results because the enemy displace quickly due to some supporting fire. But still I hope the risk pays off when the tanks get a view of the open space behind the town.


Figure 131 How NOT to do a building entry



Figure 132 Supporting fire

Minute 14: Orders
As the turn ended one tank spotted that loaded HT. Orders are simple get it and be in a position to fire on anything else that tries to leave the town.


Figure 133 Target HT

Minute 14-13:
The centre and right are in the same boat still as the last few minutes. Over on the left the lead tank scores pay dirt. One HT with occupants burning and members of what looks like an HQ unit of some kind taken out (first casualty had a radio). There is resistance in the town though. I lost two infantry in the street behind – both Bren gunners too.


Figure 134 Score


Figure 135 Resistance

Minute 13: Orders

Orders again are straight forward, get more guns on the space behind the town and move house to house to get an even better view.  Meanwhile deal with the resistance that I already have found.




Figure 136 Continue flanking











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