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Allied AAR - CMPzC Campaign: The Road to Eindhoven - Dommelen Battle (hex 1, 6)

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Ouch, he has a recoilless rifle engaging one tank - got at least one hit but nothing major....and Nathan is right: something big that fired roughly from those woods well back in the center if you look at the angle of the penetration....a carrier is toast, and the penetration hit one Sherman with the other one getting "splashed"


Yikes is right!

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Nonsense, an out flanking maneuver is as old as the hills.

Good going IanL.

The Fate of Sgt. Jeremy The fate of Sgt. Jeremy had to be pieced together long after the action. His body was found at the edge of town along with his driver. The rest of the crew were trapped in the

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Ah man. I know I am behind in my write up - I'll try to get sorted out at some point tomorrow.  But I have sad news.  My new plan to move the carrier platoon and my 2IC along the river bank to avoid the AT gun has failed.  I lost two more carriers and their teams, including Chappy.  I got you kill man sorry. :(


I'm going to make those gun crews play though.  Not sure how yet but I will...

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Not a bad idea considering my previous plan has hit the kids.  I was / am hesitant to do that because removing the barn also means the field of fire for that AT gun increases dramatically.


True, but with the dust and suppression effect of the building collapsing your Troop, all guns blazing, should win the day easily.

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Minute 32-31:
Fairly quiet turn again. 4 Platoon continues to consolidate along the river bank now with their supporting tanks.


Figure 36 Infantry cross the Dommelen

The last known position of the enemy mortar team comes under fire.


Figure 37 Fire on enemy mortar position

Minute 31: Orders
Position 4 platoon to face off against the village.


Figure 38 4 platoon faces village

Minute 31-30:
A bit surprise appears. The enemy has managed to setup an AT gun in an excellent positon. They are masked from 4 platoon by the barn and can cover the open ground in front of the town.


Figure 39 AT Gun

And the score a one hit kill on a Sherman. So, it was a nasty surprise for me.


Figure 40 Lost tank

Minute 30: Orders
4 Platoon’s supporting tanks will fire on the barn and smoke the AT gun’s position as best they can.


Figure 41 Blind the AT gun



Figure 42 Fire on barn

Meanwhile on the other side of the map the tank will pull back to put the farm between themselves and that AT gun. They can still fire on the town if need be but they will be protected from that AT gun.


Figure 43 Pull back

Minute 30-29:
The results of the fire on the AT gun position.


Figure 44 AT gun position

Spotting rounds for the smoke screen begin arriving.


Figure 45 Smoke spotting rounds




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Minute 29: Orders
The plan to deal with that AT gun is to have the 4 carrier platoon plus the 2IC rush forward under the cover the barn and assault the AT gun’s position.


Figure 46 Carrier advance on AT gun


Figure 47 Carrier assault

Minute 29-28:
A new surprise shows up – a recoilless rifle. It opens fire on my right flank but does not damage.


Figure 48 Surprise rifle

But there is another surprise – another AT gun. This one in the woods near the town – scratch one carrier.


Figure 49 Surprise another AT gun

Minute 28: Orders
That AT run in the woods threatens my right flank. All the tanks will pull back down the river banks. The carriers redirect themselves to follow the river but down the bank to hide their advance from the new AT gun.


Figure 50 Pull back


Figure 51 Redirect carriers to river bank

We also need to deal with that recoilless rifle.


Figure 52 Deal with recoilless rifle

Minute 28-27:
Recoilless rifle dealt with.


Figure 53 Recoilless rifle dealt with

The carriers move along the river bank safely.



Figure 54 Carriers make progress



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Minute 27: Orders
Now that the smoke screen has begun arriving 5 and 6 platoon start their dash across the fields. The AT gun opposite my right is blinded at the moment too and since the town smoke screen is in place now is the time.


Figure 55 Begin town assault



Figure 56 Begin farm assault


Figure 57 Redirect carriers to river bank

Minute 27-26:
The advance across the fields begins just fine.


Figure 58 Advance


Figure 59 Advance

But the carriers are clearly not protected from the new AT gun and they go down one, two, three. My 2IC never makes it out of his carrier and the recon platoon is devastated. That is a hard loss to swallow.


Figure 60 New carrier route a failure


Figure 61 Total failure


Figure 62 Absolute failure

Member of 4 platoon move to the tree line near the village.


Figure 63 Moving on village



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Jesus! I sent you into a hornets nest and I thought we were attacking the weak part of the line.


But there only seem to be AT guns here the infantry presences seems very light.  True it was a nasty couple of turns - especially for Chappy and the Carrier platoon.  But without some infantry and MGs to protect those guns this should be an opportunity to take out a battery of AT guns.  That's my silver lining take. :)

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Minute 26: Orders
Clearly that AT gun is going to have to be dispatched by 4 platoon and their supporting tanks. 4 platoon will move along the river bank – but much closer to the water. Meanwhile 5 platoon is actually within striking distance of the first houses of the town.


Figure 64 4 Platoon moves on AT gun


Figure 65 5 platoon prepares assault


Figure 66 Advance


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Minute 26-25:
5 Platoon has just about reached the edge of town. Here is the trailing squad covering for the assault teams.


Figure 67 Cover


Members of 4 Platoon are actually sneaking long the tree line. They have eyes on the AT gun behind the barn. They might be able to get some MG fire on it in a few moments.


Figure 68 Sneaky

Now this felt like bad news – an artillery shell landed between 6 platoon and there farm. This is clearly a spotting round. If the target is where they were then this is no big deal and they should just power through. If the target is to deny the field they are running through then this is a bit of a crap shoot, if they keep going they can get out from under before it rains or they might get caught. If the target is the farm where they are heading then they are screwed. My assessment is their original jump off point is the most likely target and denial of the field is the second most likely. Guess what my orders are…


Figure 69 Oh my

Minute 25: Orders
6 platoon will power on through the field and head for the farm. I removed all pauses and they are just going to go as fast as possible.


Figure 70 Power forward

I am taking @Kuderian’s suggestion and 4 troop is going to blast that barn. Before they do that they are going to throw some smoke towards that AT Gun that took out the carriers though. Meanwhile 4 platoon will continue to both sneak along the treeline and the river bank.


Figure 71 Fire on barn



Figure 72 Fire on barn


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Sorry Chappy but you did not make it out of the carrier - the one in flames.  And the rest of your team and the sniper bought it not even 3m away.


Chappy, we'll scrape your remains out of the carrier and bury you in a rum barrel, tho a mess tin might be sufficient. ;)

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