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CMRT Mini-Campaign: The Hill

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The Hill is a 3 battle mini-campaign of a semi-historical action of the 6. SS Panzergrenadier Regiment (Totenkopf) during August, 1943 near the Mius River. The regiment Totenkopf is tasked with holding Hill 203.4 southeast of the town of Marinovka against the assault by the 40th Guards Rifle Division during the 3rd, 4th and 5th of August.

Under the command of Sturmbannfuhrer Hansen your orders are to hold the hill at all costs with the resources available until relief arrives.

Very little intel is available so you must allocate your forces and anticipate where the attacks will be concentrated. The setup zone allows for you to reposition all forces available except for the command bunkers and associated support units at the very top of the hill. Choose carefully in your positioning and consider having a reaction force available if things get "exciting".

This campaign is designed with the latest game version and is playable from the German side only. Due to the map size and units involved it may play slowly on older systems. It is designed primarily as a infantry engagment though armor will play a role for both sides.

The campaign showcases tagged mods from Vein and Umlaut. All the required mods and tags are included in the download. Simply put the mod folder in your data z directory and the .cam file in your campaign directory.

Make sure to read all the briefings as they drive the storyline as well as information for each scenario.


The entire campaign takes place on a single map that is my first map creation attempt. However in my infinite wisdom the map was 95% completed when I realized my orientation was wrong. So during the campaign ignore the compass. North is south and east is west so let the imagination juices flow. B)


I hope you enjoy the campaign and any comments or suggestions are welcome on this thread.

Units involved in the campaign are as follows:

Germans (Totenkopf)

1. 6.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment
2. 3.SS Panzer Aufklarung Abt.
3. 3.SS Panzer Pioneer Kompanie
4. II/SS Panzer Regiment 3


1. 40th Guards Rifle Division
2. Elements of the 37th Guards Tank Brigade


Here is the link at the GAJ site. 


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Thanks guys for giving it a try. The download is a bit hefty but in most of my campaigns I like to showcase other designers mods through tags to show how nice their work is. In this one veins Totenkopf was perfect as well as some of Umlauts factory mod.

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ok i played it and had lot of fun, very immersive. Against the AI its some what of a turkey shoot especialy when you get panthers and tigers. Anyway it was nice to play and the terrain was done very well. Strange thing was that none of my units got a campaing statistic at the end  :o  - it looked like they all got replaced after each míssion by  new troops, whether they got destroyed or not ??!! Maybe its a bug or something ?

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Ok it appears that my last minute fiddling of some units after I had done my playtesting seemed to have bugged my core units (slaps mouse hand). I am hopefully resolving this and I should have a corrected file up sometime soon. I recommend holding off from downloading from the current link until I get the new one up.

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Ok I reloaded all the core units into each scenario in the campaign and repositioned them. Of course with the setup zones you can move them as desired.  Hopefully this fixes the bug where none of the core unit stats were moving forward from each battle. I have not had a chance to test so let me know if it still persists. Also I reduced the amount of reinforcements in the last fight to make for a tougher challenge.


New link




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Just finished first mission with Total Victory... :D


Absolutely, JuJu, Veins, and Panzermikes mods are fantastic...the scenary, especially the German trench lines and fortifications are nothing short of spectacular.....


In particular JuJu's UI mods are also very nice for my 50 year old eyes...keep up the good work....


The first mission was tough, but not impossible...I was really nervous...







+++++++++++MINOR SPOILER++++++++++++++++



As the old saying goes..."One German is as good as 2-3 Russian soldiers...but they always have a 4th."  So freakin' true...I was throwing every unit I could to fill gaps in my line and keep the  horde out of my trench line....kept looking for an attack from my rear...figured you might spring something like that.   :(


Even so, the Russians kept trying to overlap my lines...just managed to plug the holes while raining down mortars on them....SO MANY Infantry... :wub:


But since it was only a probing attack  :angry: ..I expect waves of tanks on the second scenario...hope those Panthers can stop them...I lost a lot of guys in that first attack...probably too many machine guns...argh...will see how we fare on the second mission.


Well done...I don't play a lot of CMRT...this might get me back into it...

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Second mission also great.

Looks like we got us a convoy.



There I was fat, dumb and happy till I got a Panther stuck in the mud. Argh. Then when I sent two squads to secure my supply route. Blamo.. They run into a horde of T-34s... Argh. So many tanks. So few Panzerschrecks and Panzerfausts.

Oyyy. Managed to hold the hill but not my supply route. Still got a minor victory.

Not looking forward to the final night battle.

Not at all.

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Finally played the last mission..won a major victory.   :P


Overall a very nice little mini campaign...I would recommend this as sort of a Task Force Raff sorta campaign....a nice follow on to the tutorial to demonstrate the variety of terrain and other features as well as allowing a player to juggle different types of units and missions.


I found it challenging but not excessively hard and a very realistic demonstration of the combat encountered by the Germans during Operation Bagration...or as I like to say "HOLY CRAP, where did all those Russians come from!"

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I have a zip file with the campaign and its included mods (which are in a sub-folder named panzermike1, which of course goes into the Z folder or the Mods folder, whichever you care to use). 

If you PM me with an email address I can send it, same goes for @Aquila-SmartWargames.  Can't remember where I got it sadly...

EDIT: The date on the .cam file matches the post with the latest (now defunct) link in the thread above, so it should be the updated version.

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