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Best squad based combat game similar to CMBO?

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I'm wondering if you war game fans can help me with a question.

I used to have Ambush and Squad Leader as board games when I was a kid.


I have CMBO, and I enjoy it, but there are no individual soldiers.


I enjoyed controlling a squad and there were also RPG elements to that game, since soldiers could survive

and return in other campaigns.


I am wondering if there a pc game that is squad based war combat and similar to those squad boardgames?


Thanks in advance.

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1st person shooters are definitely a different category all-together, I would classify that as action, not strategy.


There are games like Company of Heroes that are in the spirit of games like Ambush, but they are real time strategy, not turn-based.


Some similar games that have been suggested are Jagged Alliance and Battle Academy.


X-Com is a great squad game, but not WW II.


Welcome any other suggestions!

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Perhaps Men of War - Assault Squad 2 might be what you want, or the Commandos series of games? There is also Silent Storm which features squad-based combat, and in the FPS genre there is Hidden & Dangerous 2.

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