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CMPzC Operation Donetsk "Little Stalingrad"..anybody interested?

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CMPzC Operation Donetsk "Little Stalingrad"

Anybody interested? Read on and PM me if you want to enlist into the development team. I have some folks already onboard.


I envision 2 teams. Ukraine Army vs. Separatists. Each team has a CO making the operational decisions and then the CM battles go to his stable of PBEM foot soldiers. The CM battles will be fought with units made from real world OOB and TOE. These will not be quick battle points types of CM battles. Yes, you may be called upon to defend a hex with just your platoon against a company assault. We’ll use “leader units”. We’ll have “Action Cards”. There will be some appetizer mini-battles prior to the official kick-off party.


A.  CM Mapmakers!

B.   Operational Map designers!

C.   Modmakers!

D.  OOB experts for this specific conflict!

E.   Unit Counter artists!

F.   CM Battle designers!

G.  Beer and sandwiches!


The starting point will be my usual 10-10-10x10 sanity maintenance protocol. Max of 10 turns of 2 hours each, maybe spread over 2 days. Max of 10 units per side. Op map is a max of 10km x 10km. This can all be dialed down smaller if the interest is not adequate to support even that.


The above plan is mine and is subject to any good ideas coming in to correct my misconceptions and make things better. 


ETA: none at this time.






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Hi Dave,


Yes. snake_eye passed me the map so we can continue to work it once we get more of a team together and iron out a few things.

I also have someone working the op map and we've layed a hex grid over it. We may need some more CM maps done.

It all depends on interest level and how big an operation we decide is best based on this conflict.

Tonight or tomorrow I will post our op map {WIP} with snake_eye's map {WIP} overlayed so we can see what areas we might need done.

I don't know what is best yet...

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I am away on a roadtrip vacation 7/19-8/3 but when I get back we can get organized and see who wants to be on the development team.

Right now I am working with exsonic01 on the Op Map concept. He is a very quick learner and has good ideas.

We are examining the + and - to hex size for the Op Level movements and how this impacts set up zone on a CM battle map.

We have made some dummy unit counters for now. UKR and SEP units to move around on the op map.

This test version shows 500m hexes. We get granularity for the placement of units on a large CM battlemap when we go to tactical resolution.

Note: I do not own or plan to purchase CMBS but am here to assist this get up on its own hind legs and provide advice and guidance as/if needed. :D


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We are just making some fictional unit numbers while we await anyone to step up with actual real unit information, some OOB and TOE we can use for historical accuracy.

Not too many books about this battle yet!

I went with a letterbox shape based on working with Panzer Campaigns but now I see my knee jerk reaction was wrong. The unit counters IN the hexes should be square while more information off to the side as you select a hex CAN be in letterbox shape. Easy fix. We need artists to continue the unit counter work for both sides. paint.NET or photoshop type chores. 





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For my old eyeballs, I also agree.


Just a small hex to fit a small unit counter. 


When we host a screenshot as we create the latest status during operational moves, it is somewhat zoomable.


Like clicking the op map up at post #10.


It gets bigger, right?


Can I get an "amen brother" on that? 


Actually, I tried myself and it has a magnifying glass symbol but does NOT seem to get much better.


I wonder what the trick is for this project?


Upload a large scale HD image and then it WILL have zoom capability?


Anybody got some tips on this issue? Thanks in advance.

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It gets bigger, right?


Can I get an "amen brother" on that? 


Technically it is bigger but nothing to write home about. :)  Clicking on it jumps to photo bucket (or whatever service) and then if you press the + zoom button it got about 10% bigger for me.  Mind you I'm look at the web site on a 24in monitor so perhaps the forum's default size starts off bigger than what some people see.

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