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Hello Gentlemen


I bring you exciting news of the new Scenario Depot III which has been funded by The Few Good Men.  As we all know The Scenario Depot II was the go to place for Scenario downloads with its most successful period being from the mid-90's to the early 00's for the CMX1 series of games.  Unfortunately it was never updated to encompass the CMX2 series of games but all that is about to change.  I introduce to you The Scenario Depot III.




The new site is a community wide project and despite being hosted on The Few Good Men servers membership of The FGM is not required.  We have reached a stage where the site is pretty much finished and all that remains to be tested now is its load bearing capabilities.  


The Scenario Depot III is the place to upload your completed play tested scenarios for the enjoyment of the CMx2 community and I'm asking if you scenario designers out there would do me the honour of starting to upload your scenarios to the database as a stress test exercise.  If all goes well The Scenario Depot III will be up and running henceforth.


The site is available HERE


Please read 'The About The Scenario Depot III' section and then go to 'Upload A File' to go through the simple process of getting your scenario into our database awaiting front page post upload. 


I would like to thank Gary Krockover the original designer of The Scenario Depot II and The Proving Grounds for his permission to launch the next era of the sites catering for the new games released by Battlefront in the CMX2 series.


The site covers all CMX2 games [Afghanistan, Shock Force, Battles for Normandy, Fortress Italy, Red Thunder , Black Sea] and has areas waiting to be opened for the Bulge games forthcoming release.


As well as scenarios and campaigns the site also offers the capability of uploading user designed maps for players to download.


At present we have just the one map uploaded so please pop over and start adding your content and if you wish to donate towards the endeavour there is a link at the bottom of the right hand column for you generous folk out there.  Donations will go towards the programmes required to get The Proving Grounds up and running which is phase 2 of the project.  I look forward to seeing your work being submitted.


Thanks for reading.



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As this thread has received the most feedback I will use it as the master TSD3 discussion thread. A huge thanks to you guys for uploading your work and having the patience for me to manually add it and another shout out to the subscribers. The site has had a lot of downloads and visits on its first day and thank you to IanL for his constructive feedback. I have a few subtle tweaks to carry out but so far so good. If you do like it guys there is a donate button at the bottom right of the site which will finance the work on The Proving Grounds which will pretty much follow the same format. Once again thanks for the support and encouragement.

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this website is different than others,its clean,simple and functional, it also focuses on the maps/scenarios,without giving attention to the less important  things 


you have a simple ,clean "download' button and then you can choose whatever you want


imo best site for Maps/scenarios 

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If you do like it guys there is a donate button at the bottom right of the site which will finance the work on The Proving Grounds which will pretty much follow the same format. Once again thanks for the support and encouragement.



What is this Proving Grounds of which you speak?    Great work on the website will use! Thanks!


Very nice job on the Scenario Depot III.  Can you give us some details about what the Proving Grounds will be?  

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Ithikial is correct.  At present TSD3 is up and running and working well with hundreds of folk having downloaded content already.  I appeal to all scenario designers to use the simple upload feature for 'completed' scenarios maps and campaigns.


The Proving Ground II will be the test bed for new content where it will be tested and feedback provided.  Once the author is happy with the design process and feels it is ready the content will then be transferred to TSD III and removed from The Proving Grounds II.


At present we do not have the Proving Grounds running due to costs but once we get some donations (or we wait until I get paid next month) it will be opened and ready to go.

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