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Krasnopol 152mm precision round vs M2 Bradley top armour

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When a 45kg round smashes 25mm armor with ~12000J at almost verticaly, I'd think you don't even need to consider how effective the tip is. That's all discounting exсluding a 9kg explosive as well. 

Here we can see how glorious HATO force field fitted on M2 protects the engine deck against all similar 122mm top attack artillery munitions. Part of next generation armour system developed by DARPA u

Sigh. I looked at the screenie. OBVIOUSLY, that arty round got sliced by the Bushmaster barrel. Kind of like slat armor...but better. By cutting the round as it came in, the fuzing was messed up and t

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Also worth noting the pictured armor thickness is for the baseline M2 circa 1987 or so. It lacks the armor that came in the A2 model which added a lot of protection at significant weight penalty. Also the numbers losted.... They look wrong even for the early model brads.

Still genuinely doubtful anything would react well to a direct 120 mm mortar hit. The react to incoming drill was generally to boogie out of the impact zone precisely because driving off after getting hit by anything from the sky was good luck vs expected.

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(An interesting aside...a lot of websites show similar req'ts for fieldwork resistance to 120mm mortars and 122mm howitzer. If anything, I would've thought the howitzer would've been a lot more effective at penetration. This is not borne out by what I saw on the web. So...120mm = 122mm apparently...)

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Some day we will probably get more specialty AT arty and bombs.  Don't Russia and the US have a lot of smart AT DPICM? Im thinking about the kinds that deploy the hockey puck smart bomblets that look for their own target to hit 'em with HEAT from the top or EFP from the top.

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Here's a pict of a Bradley turret, you can just make out the thickness of the bolt-on armor covering the rooftop. That's a good inch of 'something', probably not steel. You haven't seen a 'naked' Bradley without a hefty layer of applique ceramic armor since the mid-80s.


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speaking of concussive effects I just read one of the most vivid first person accounts Ive ever read about Vietnamese civilians caught out in the open near where an Arc Light B52 cell dropped its bombs and civvies were near the hit.

My god just the concussion from the blasts... roughly 1km away IIRC - dead all over. Eyes bleeding ears bleeding mouths bleeding.  Some interesting stuff I wish had been explained more about it doing something to your lungs..


All in all sounds horrific. Im sure the grid eraser MLRS isnt a nice thing to be on the end of either.

( of course a 152mm is NOT a caliber to laugh at)


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