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Real time multiplayer , looking

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got tired of pbem and wego, yes it has its positive sides that we all know but today i realised its not the only way to play the game (same post in cmbs/cmbn)


positive sides of Real time: u can cancel orders (pretty simple fact and everyone who knows this game , knows how good is this and* realistic in most cases)

Pause available : 1) where you cant issue orders 2) where you can

'adrenaline' , idk about you but my heart beats faster when my panter's turret is rotating and aiming at sherman, and while i am waiting to see will he shoot first ,and then what will happen if he gets hit  and all that stuff

or when you have 1 platoon waiting to cross the street but you see enemy movement and duuno what to do in the moment and u send whole squad to death. those stories are different from the ones in wego/pbem because you are not completely relaxed while living them , you have to decide fast sometimes and it just feels more alive


what i am thinking about is a tiny or prefferably small, maybe Medium battle that would be set to end in 1 or 2 hours (Custom battles/quick battles)


iam not sure about pause rules yet, if there are pauses timer will be set to 1h for small battle or something like that,  if there are no* pauses or its very limited for emergency cases, then 2 hours battle to give us room for thinking since CM is not very optimised/smooth game


Wego that is set to 45-1h actually lasts (not pbem) 2 hours or more sometimes , so its same thing in theory



if anyone is interested send me a message on this forum and we ll play when we both can


dont worry about losing or winning

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I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as the  advantages of real time gaming is concerned.It works very well when you play against the AI, even more so when you play with the larger forces. You don't have to issue orders every minute and certainly not to every squad/individual vehicle. In this came we might typically take on the role of a company/small battle group commander. We will only want to pause the game when something significant happens that requires a significant change in our battle plan. That will not happen all that often, maybe four or five times during a scenario. We might also have times when we need t step into the role of a platoon leader at times to give detailed orders to deal with a situation such as an assault on a position.


This works fine when playing against the AI which obviously does not object if we keep it waiting. A human opponent however might find the same thing somewhat annoying though

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Lacroix, check your PM. I have some time to play now 6/28/15 1pm est. Will be around this afternoon for a bit. PM me to get a game going.


We really need some real time chat function in this forum for any real time game matching. Forum is fine for WEGO, but not fluid at all for real time. It is just another reason why real time multiplayer is not as popular as it could be.

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If anyone else wants to try playing a real time game PM me. Haven't heard yet from Lacroix at this time, so first come first serve.


Battle: Meeting Engagement
Map: Random, medium ( Not too big or small)
Force: Tiny, inf only, computer picks force. Hopefully it will not pick something crazy like a company of flamethrowers :), but I say we just roll the dice and go with whatever just to play. One of us may end up with advantage for force, but most of the time it picks something workable.
Battle Length: 30min

NO artillery orders in setup phase. Can order as soon as game starts.
Lets try for one formal Pause each of about 5-10min, but if we need to pause to go to bathroom or something no big deal. its just a game.

Plan on a 15-30min set up time to give initial orders, check map ectt..
To communicate via message during the game use the ` key. Lets try it as soon as we are in the game in set up phase. Whole game should take no longer than 90min with set up, play, and pause times.

PM when ready to play and I will send IP. Any preference German or Soviets?


It's not about  worrying about winning or losing. It's just about having some fun, and adrenaline. Don't be afraid!

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