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If a person decided to do some uniform or vehicle mods

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As the topic says, what would a person need as far as software etc to start modding a bit or at least to see if they would be even interested or capable?


Please keep in mind that I'm not even sure I could or would be willing to grasp the subject but am thinking I'd at least I'd like to check into it without spending a lot of money in case it doesn't work for me.


I know very little about computers so that in itself might tell you if it would be a big challenge for me or not.  Be candid as I don't 

want to waste my time if it would take years - since I'm 68 years old I don't or probably won't have that much time to learn it.  :-))


Anyway, all and any advice, comments or thoughts would be much appreciated.  



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Some sort of turorial on modding made by one of the more experienced modders would be a nice thing... :)


If some simple modding could be done fairly easy, for example putting unit markings on a veichles i'd be happy to give it a try also...


But just like you i have very limited computer knowledge...



A step by step tutorial...Yes, plese...That would be nice !

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Hey Lee,

I went from ground level to maybe a few tiny rungs up the ladder representing "capability to make something modded"..

My advice to you Lee is to NOT get into modding. That is based on having chatted with you on the phone a few times and knowing you are 68 and your computer knowledge background and you want to enjoy the game and what it has to offer. The modding hobby is a tough mistress to dance with....

Lee, I am not trying to say you are not smart enough or clever enough or would not after many many months create something awesome. OK?


But on a positive note, I will again, because I know I already hinted to it in another of your threads, encourage you to explore creativity in the CM scenario/map editor and get some sense of making something and uploading that. EDIT: And I would be here to lend a hand with the extra tools you might need to have a blast doing that.. :D,


Carl(?) Carl, right? My brain can't hold onto all real first names of forum buddies, I am sorry..

I have purchased the Sony Vegas Movie maker and am planning to make a CM BMP specific tutorial for a simple modding task like adding a nickname to a vehicle's hull or turret or adding a patch to a soldier's jacket. Step by step for the kohlenklau method. Then I can get corrected as well by the modders who really know what they are doing. :D

I have made zero progress on learning how to do the video to youtube! Kinda busy. 

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of course if you still wanted to give modding a try, I will assist you as best I can.

I have some modding tools and templates and brushsets I can give you and we could meet in Austin at a coffee wifi place or whatever and I could bring my laptop to show you some simple tasks.

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Thanks so much for your candid reply Phil.  I was kinda thinking myself that I could be biting off more than I could handle or at least more than

what I really wanted so I will be taking your advice.  


Now note that if I really really wanted to get involved nobody could talk me out of it but after due consideration I would rather have fun with the game like you pointed out and still be able to fiddle around with the mods you gentleman put out for us.  Best of both worlds kinda thing.


Anyway, I do appreciate your candor and thoughts and may very well check into doing a map or two like you suggest.  

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Carl(?) Carl, right? My brain can't hold onto all real first names of forum buddies, I am sorry..



No worries, Phil !  ;)


Carl is correct...but my spoken name (if thats whats its called ?) is Fredrik...Carl-FREDRIK...



Any turorial made by you on this subject would be apprisiated by many i'm sure... :)


Hope you find time-, ways to make it...


Thanks !

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