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What is your best lesson learned from CMBS experience?

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When in COIN, worry about collateral damage.   When at war, worry about ending the mission with artillery rounds unfired.  

It is best not to pick a fight with a 40mm grenade machinegun.


Dont stay static for long ... Move fast in dashes, use cover and concealment, recon, recon, recon (drones, specialized troops).For russian: arty is your friend, suppress suspected enemy infantry positions, move fast from overhead cover to overhead cover to prevent javelin from acquiring (slow) and if not possible use trees as APS. Get in close fast.

The T-90AM with version 1.03 (relikt quite effective) can win long range fights (2000 meters +) with the M1A2 .

Krizanthema is very effective and would be even more so in real life (toned down in game).

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How old I am and how little I know about modern weapons.


My last day in the service was 1987, So much of the stuff within the game did not even exist then.


So it has been a great learning experience  to have the game give me a chance to learn what is out there presently.


Not so hard to for me to figure out how to use it on the battlefield. As long as I am killing and winning battles with the stuff, My lack of knowledge is not all that bad.

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Patience - but that goes for all CM titles.  Take your time to search you lines of advance (or the enemies if they're moving).  Hide under cover as much as possible, dash from cover to cover (this is CMBS tactic more than WW2).

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