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Hi guys


The Relief of Army Group North - Campaign ready for download at :






German campaign with 5 missions


Campaign text here :

Eastern Front 18th August 1944 84km SW of the Gulf of Riga.

The destruction of Army Group Centre in June 1944 and the collapse of the Western Front
following the Allied invasion of France in the same month caused a major drain of German 
manpower and materiel. Within two months dozens of divisions were wiped from the German Order
of Battle by the sweeping Russian offensives in Byelorussia and Ukraine, or bled white in 
the war of attrition in the Normandy countryside. During the summer of 1944 the German army
was beaten both in Russia and in Western Europe and fell back in full retreat. 

The German army reserves could not cope with the dreadful losses and ad hoc measures had to
be taken in order to stabilise the situation. New kinds of units saw their birth that summer:
infantry divisions were raised as so-called "Volksgrenadier-divisions" and new tank forces
were created in the form of "Panzer-Brigades".

The first of these was Panzerbrigade 101 under the command of the highly decorated 
Generalmajor Hyacinth Graf von Strachwitz und Camminetz 
(Major-general Hyacinth Count of Strachwitz and Camminetz), known as the Panzergraf or 
‘Panzer Count’. Von Strachwitz was awarded the Knight’s Cross with Swords as commander of 
the Grossdeutschland (Greater Germany) Panzer Regiment, the lowest ranking officer 
given the award at the time, and was then the third Army officer to be awarded the 
Knight’s Cross with Diamonds for the relief
of the Cherkassy Pocket.

The appearance of Panzer-Brigades was no novelty within the German armed forces. 
From the beginning of the war in 1939 Panzer-Brigades were present and operational in the 
German Order of Battle until at least the summer of 1943. Apart from the official Order of 
Battle, German tank forces often operated in ad hoc formations, especially after the 
reverse of fortunes on the battlefield required makeshift units to tackle mounting 
crisis situations. 

One of the most successful battlegroups, so-called "Kampfgruppen" (KG), was "schweres Panzer 
Regiment Bäke", called after the commander dr. Franz Bäke. This unit operated in Ukraine 
during the beginning of 1944 and managed to knock out hundreds of Russian tanks with the 
permanent loss of only five tanks. The success of Bäke undoubtedly inspired Hitler to 
create strong and well-equipped regimental sized tank units. Unsurprisingly he was one of 
the first commanders assigned to the Panzer-Brigades. 

The philosophy behind these brigades was that smaller but stronger tank units could 
manoeuvre and counteract swifter than cumbersome tank divisions, which can be easily 
detected by enemy intelligence. Nevertheless when Hitler ordered the creation of the 
Panzer-Brigades in July 1944, they were rather born out of necessity than a new defence 
doctrine of the German armed forces.

On paper it looked strong but the Brigades had at least two major drawbacks, no artillery
Battailon and only one Infantry Battalion.

We are fighting alongside SS-Panzerbrigade Gross under command of Stubaf. Gross and
the plan is to link up with them on the 19th August to create Panzerverband Strachwitz,
Panzerbrigade 101 and SS-Panzerbrigade Gross in one formation under command of
Major-general Hyacinth Count of Strachwitz.  

Destroy enemy forces from Soviet 51st Army and make contact with 16th Army, part of Army
group North, to establish connection between Army Group North and Army Group Center in
5 Missions :

Mission 1.
Clearing the way.

Mission 2.
Obstinate Russians.

Mission 3.
Throwing Down the Gauntlet.

Mission 4.
Turning North.

Mission 5.
Breakthrough to 16th Army.

Friendly Forces:
Core unit - Panzerbrigade 101, 4 units.
German-English translation at the bottom of the page, 
text on units in game will be in german.

Unit 1.
Panzerabteilung 2101.
36 x Panther G Tanks
3 Companys of 11 tanks each, each coy. 3 Platoons with 3 tanks and HQ with
2 tanks and Battalion HQ with 3 tanks.
FlaK Platoon (Zug) 
4 x SP 37mm Möbelwagen.

Unit 2.
Panzergrenadier (PzG.) Bataillon 2101.
2 x PzG. Company, each with 3 Infantry Platoons and one Heavy Platoon
(3 x HMG, 2 x 251/9 and 2 x 81 mm. Mortar) all in SPW 251/1 D, 
each Platoon HQ in 251/17 (20mm).
1 x Heavy Company with 8 x 120 mm. Mortars, FO Team and 6 x 251/9.

Unit 3.
Panzer-Pionier-Kompanie 2101.
3 Platoons :
2 Pionier Platoons with 1 portable flamethrower each, one Platoon in 251/7,
one in 251/1 and one Platoon with 6 x 251/16.

Unit 4.
Aufklärungszug 2101 (Recon).
1 x Recon Platoon, 3 squads in 251/1.

Enemy Forces :

Soviet 51st Army formations :
417th Rifle Division.
3rd Guards Mech. Corps.
51st Army attached units : SU Regiments, Artillery Battalions etc.

Soviet Airforce.

German-English translation

Brigade - Brigade
Regiment - Regiment
Bataillon - Battalion
Kompanie - Company
Zug - Platoon
Gruppe - Squad
Trupp - Fireteam
Stab - HQ
Panzergrenadiere - Armored Infantry
Pionier - Engineer/Pioneer
Aufklärung - Recon
FlaK - Anti-air
Kampfgruppe (KG) - Taskforce
schwere - Heavy
Werfer - Mortar
Nebelwerfer - Rocketlauncher
Kanone - Cannon

Stuka zu Fuss - Stuka "on foot" : 251/1 with 6 x 280 mm rocketlaunchers, 3 on each
side not in the TOE so I use the 280 mm Nebelwerfer Artillery, which has very
short range, 1300-1400 meters in the game.

(-) - Element of unit, not full unit.

The Campaign will not end if you loose a mission but it will
affect the end result.

You will not receive any core reinforcements during the
campaign, if you loose core troops its gone for the rest
of the campaign.

Their is a slight chance that you will get some vehicles repaired
during the campaign but don't rely on it.

You will get resupplied during the campaign
so fire away !

Your core units will get rest between missions.

The maps are made from QB maps + one Orsha mastermap + one map by H1nd, so
many thanks to Mark Ezra, Benpark and H1nd for all your work, without it I
would never have started on this campaign.



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Thanks guys


All the feedback I can get would be nice, its my first campaign, but hope

not my last, I'm working on several ideas at the moment.

More presentable text and maps for reinforcements would be nice, just learning now

to use windows programs for this.

Just learned how to make text more easy to read : in notebook make long lines of text

hope it makes some sence.

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