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Reintstall CMBN properly

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Hi all 


Have installed the game CMBN and all modules and updates long time ago on my laptop


I am on holliday and i dont take my installation cds  but have all key numbers


 My antivirus Avira has found a virus combat mission.exe but in fact there is no virus i can no more find the file in the quarantaine


Do i have a possibility to loading and installing the game again from the Battlefront page ?


Thanks in advance to your answer



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The virus is in all likelihood a false flag. You just need to tell it to ignore and possibly restore any files it quarantined. It has been noted frequently that virus protection software is falsely flagging the CM executables.

In your case it looks like somehow it went a step further. Ouch

Go to your account on the battlefront page and enter your key. It should allow a download. If you have any issues contact the help desk and they can sort you out.

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I haven't had a CD install for years now. So no CD's. All are DD. I am semi PC literate so I can usually get thru these issues. But I know at least 2 friends who bought CMBfN and never got to play it as they could not get it to run as the AV stopped it dead. And support was not very helpful.


I agree they should probably become more knowledgeable about their PC's but I am still curious as too what makes CMBfN so prone to these problems.

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AV vendors no longer emphasize detecting known viruses but rather preventing any suspicious activity where suspicious is defined and anything new :).  It used to be that AV software scanned for known viruses and that was it.  Two things happened - the malware writers started changing their programs a lot (so they would not match the AV program's signatures) and they started getting trickier about getting onto the victims computers (as in not just piggy backing on pirated software or similar).  The AV software guys responded by not only looking for known bad signatures but flagging anything that heuristically behaved anything like the tricky malware guys.  The trouble is anything out of the ordinary flags their heuristics - my guess is the DRM is the big culprit here.  I am no fan of DRM - but I understand it is necessary.  Increasingly I am even less of a fan of lazy AV software that is basically flagging everything as bad that it does not know about in advance.  It is a sad state of affairs that we would not use or play software from a legitimate business because some AV software company would rather deny you that than risk letting something 'off' get through (or more likely because they don't want to spend the time to make sure legitimate software can be used - like I said lazy).


As for a solution - here is what I do now.  I am using a PC. I have a separate directory where I install all my Battlefront games called you guessed it "Battlefront".  I spent the time figuring out how to tell my AV program not to mess with anything in that directory or its sub folders.  Now whenever a new game or a patch or an upgrade comes along it all goes into that directory and I no longer have mysterious problems with stuff not working for my games - and I do not have to remember every GD time I change something to poke around with the AV software.


So tell your friends that if they invest some time, once, navigating their AV software and create a directory where it will stay away from you can have a good experience with Battlefront games - and probably other games too.

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