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A new patch in the horizon?

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And I am confident that they will.  I would not consider holding off starting a game unless BFC announced at patch was on its way.  Even then I probably wouldn't because why delay having fun?  It is really easy to have two versions of a game installed (and only slightly challenging to make sure you play your turns with the right version) plus I can count the number of problem I have had upgrading PBEM games on the fingers of one hand and still have four left to count other things :)  So I recommend just playing and having fun.  If a patch does happen to come along while you have a game going you have to really good options to continue having fun.

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Undoubtedly they will, just a question of when. The degree of impact on the game itself is probably the determining factor. If it is very serious, they have shown a capability to get out a patch quickly assuming the issue is easily corrected. For "cosmetic" stuff it comes down to an issue of prioritization of resources.

I get your feeling though, the Oplot issue "bugs" me too.

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