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CMBS Campaign: The Eagle and the Bear

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The Eagle and the Bear is a narrative hypothetical campaign of a clash between NATO and Russian forces in the small Baltic country of Latvia. It is a campaign of modern war set in a "could happen" situation where you command a  U.S. Combat Brigade through a 7 day struggle for control of the Baltics.


It is designed to be played from the blue side only. Some scenarios are large so it may be slow load times on some systems.


It features 11 scenarios, 9 which are playable based on the outcomes of specific battles. I've tried to include a fair number of combat situations from small infantry engagements, airlift operations, urban battles as well as large sprawling armor engagements.


You take the role of Colonel Mack Barnes, commanding officer of the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team and your mission is to successfully take the brigade as well as other NATO forces through 7 days of modern combat. Below is a list of the scenarios and the campaign path:


Battle 1- Never Cry Wolf
(Win- The Water Dogs
(Lose- Campaign Over)

Battle 2- The Water Dogs
(Win- The Crossroads of Naudaskalns
(Lose- Campaign Over)

Battle 3- Crossroads at Naudaskalns
(Win- FOB Lancer
(Lose- Campaign Over)

Battle 4- FOB Lancer
(Win - Hill 289.7)
(Lose- The Bear at the Gates)

Battle 5- Hill 289.7
(Win- Operation Hammer)
(Lose- The Siege of Balvi)

Battle 6- The Bear at the Gates
(Win- Operation Hammer)
(Lose- Campaign Over)

Battle 7- The Siege of Balvi
(Win - Operation Eagle Strike
(Lose- Campaign Over)

Battle 8- Operation Hammer
(Win- Turning the Tide)
(Lose- Campaign Over)

Battle 9- Operation Eagle Strike
(Win- The Battle of Krievkalns)
(Lose- Campaign Over)

Battle 10 - Turning the Tide
(Win- The Battle of Krievkalns)
(Lose- Campaign Over)

Battle 11- The Battle of Krievkalns
(Win - Victorious)
(Lose - Defeated)


Here is a list of the combatants involved:



Latvian 1st Infantry Brigade
Latvian 2nd Infantry Brigade
Polish 2nd Mechanized Battalion
Polish 1st Tank Battalion
Polish 6th Airborne Brigade
1st Stryker Combat Brigade Team
1st Calvary Regiment
3rd Armored Combat Brigade Team (Core Unit)

Soviet 20th Guards Army:

9th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade
5th Guards Motor rifle Brigade
27th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade
16th Spetsnaz Brigade
56th Airborne Brigade
100th Reconnaissance Brigade
6th Guards Tank Brigade
4th Guards Tank Brigade
1st Tank Brigade

(Special Note: Due to game limitations the Latvian forces were taken from the stock Ukrainian forces with standard camouflage. The Polish forces are Ukrainian forces with digital camouflage to distinguish them differently.

The Latvian military primarily uses western equipment so they have been equipped with humvee's mostly. However I used MT-LBM's as their APC's. The Poles have the KTO-Wolverine APC which I used BTR-4E's to simulate these as well as the PT-91 Twardy MBT which is simulated by the BM-Bulat MBT.)


There are a number of personalities besides Col. Barnes that you will meet as the campaign unfolds. Each will play a part.


As with my previous campaign I have included modtags and the needed files. However I do highly recommend Kieme's outstanding CMBS mods to get the full immersion.


I am looking for a few playtesters to check it out and help me weed out any bugs I may have overlooked. If you are interested let me know and I will send you a dropbox link to the campaign to try out.



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Finished the first mission. Can't find anything to nit pick about, it was a really good battle and I found it challenging to preserve my precious tanks, I lost 2 of them. Tomorrow I will conducting MOUT operations in Bila Tservka, I'm expecting and tough grinding battle. Can't wait!

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Hmmm, in two attempts on the first mission I've managed to lose all or most of my tanks in a single turn when Russian tank reinforcements appear on some high ground. While I like the map, I just think it's too small for the extremely large number of AFV's present. I'll give it another go though.

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I played the first mission last night and really enjoyed it, the town is becomes a real meat grinder.. especially as I usually set my troops to hide when defending in urban areas against armor, once they are in the town I unhide them and the s**t hits the fan :-)

Is there any reason why the player cant reorganize the defenders to start with? The AT7s are a ittle to close to he front line for my liking

All in all a good opening scenario, I didn't get a chance to complete it though RL interrupted...

Will playthrough it tonight again and finish it this time...

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Mission 1. Hell broke loose dragonwynn. 

I hate it how the russian tanks 'appear' at the back of the map after 20mins  :) i thought i had them by surprise by moving MY tanks at the back from the right flank ! But i soon realised - I was in a surprise.


let me work on the AARs for you.. i think i need 4 days/ 1 week to fully complete the campaign. Is that ok, doable ?

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