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LOS issues

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Hello Community,


Was just wondering if this problem is engine related or squad/team behavior. I was playing the mission, "Opportunity Knocks" as the U.S. Army. I positioned one of my Javelin sections on a cabbage field that has a slight elevation over the area where the Strela Carriers are located. The issue was my Javelin gunner would, "go to ground" and lose sight of the AA vehicle. I'd have to give them a move command so they could see it again but they just "go to ground" and can't target the vehicle, because his head is behind a 'head' of cabbage. It's very frustrating.


Do I need to be more patient and the gunner will pop his head up or go to a kneeling stance?

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It is a general conundrum for the TacAI, your troops want to maximize cover and you might not want them to do that at certain points.  On the other hand if they stayed standing or kneeling they would be prone to getting shot in other situations and that would cause problems. In this case you really don't want them to hit the deck.  There are a few tricks I found that work somewhat.  If you give them face commands so they now where they should be looking for the enemy.  Also give them short move orders.  If they are on move they will be more likely to spot something and if they do then they are more likely to decide to target it - which will cause them to kneel instead of go prone.  Hunt can also work too - depending on where other threats might be.

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Thanks for the reply Ian. Yeah, I tried what you said and it did seem to work eventually after I wasted quite a few minutes. What compounds the frustration is a soldier will call out, "enemy vehicle spotted," and then hit the dirt. I hope they modify the TacAI  to eventually make ATGM teams more offensive against vehicle targets. If the team didn't have anti-tank weapons or out of range, it wouldn't be so bad them eating the dirt without taking a breath.


On a side related note, during MOVE orders, teams won't duck from fire when being shot at. They just keep meandering along until a squad mate gets hit and then they get rattled or even panic. They should automatically duck for cover WITHOUT cowering. It's an automotive response. If they have FAST move or ASSAULT I can see them braving live fire while moving more realistically.

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