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Hi Battlefront staff,


I recently re-discovered my old CMBB CD (European CDV version) and decided to install the game on my Windows 7 PC. Since I have a Radeon, I got some ugly big splotches hanging in the sky, usually black, but changing colour whenever I moved them over another dark surface. Anyhow, a forum user reported the 1.04 patch helped with that. I thus downloaded the 1.04 demo and it worked nicely - no splotches.


I then bought the patch and installed it. My cursor looks glitchy, I had to do some renaming of folders (my original version being German), and now my game is effectively English (language-wise), but other than that, no problems so far. No splotches.


You might imagine my joy when I finally rediscovered a CD with all my favourite graphics and sound mods (AndrewTF - you're the man).


The $5 were a great investment. Thanks for keeping the old classics playable!

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Fog doesn't appear in the game if you are running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10. Support for fog-tables was dropped by both AMD/ATI and Nvidia with the release of DirectX 10 and drivers supporting it. If you can run the game under Windows XP, then fog will still appear, even with the latest drivers to my knowledge (AMD and Nvidia).

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