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Question about deleting current game maps

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Hope this is the proper place to ask this question but couldn't find one that seemed better so here it is.


I was wondering if I could delete original maps that came with the game without hurting or screwing up anything.


I know you'll want to know why so I'll explain.  I plan on downloading some new one's ( mods ) and since I never use maps of town's or cities I'd like to get rid of them to make space for the new ones.  I figure that since my machine is kinda border line anyway it might help if I get rid of some since I'll be adding quite a few new ones.  


i strictly play quick battles and have gotten bored with the few current ones that I've played over and over being hills and clear maps.  


Anyway that's my reasoning - for what it's worth.  :-))

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Since the game uses the maps that are there to build its list of maps if you deleted them all and add some of your own the game will be fine with that.  Having said that deleting maps is not going to improve the game's performance at all if that is what you are hoping for.  Also keep in mind that the various kinds of QBs you can pay (meeting, attack etc) have their map types so if you do not have any maps designated as meeting engagements then you will not be able to play meeting engagements.  Why not add the new maps and then just play on what you want?

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Thanks so much for the reply lanL.  Oh OK, I wasn't sure if deleting them would hurt anything so thought I'd ask before screwing the game up.  So sounds like it wouldn't but you are right I was doing it strictly to keep the performance 

from slowing down but if that doesn't make any difference then I won't.  Thank you for that also.  


One last question if I may.  I am assuming that the new maps would go into the "Z" folder just like the uniform mods?  

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