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Hi there,

there seems to be a bug regarding HQs. I noticed it sometimes in CtA but maybe it is the same in other scenrios. I don't know exactly, why or when this happens, but sometimes a HQ has 4 Units attached, but isn't able to attach a fifth unit. I always use Manual or auto-assist. The Problem normally remains, until I put the HQ into the auto-Modus and end my turn. The HQ will be in auto-Modus in the enemy's turn (which is not a good Option) and at the beginning of my turn, I can bring the HQ back into Manual and can attach five untits again from now on (until the bug shos again)...

Is this one already known?

If yes, is there a better sollution for it than using auto-Modus...?

Kind regards


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I had this bug sometimes in AoD.

I use my HQs mostly in Auto-Assist mode.

In cases I can't recognize, one unit was double-attached to the belonging HQ. When you cancel all attachments of the HQ you can see one of the units still connected.


I hope this helps.

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Hi, back to this topic with some delay...

as I can see, the trick of Duke of York works, but this bug (i call it so) remains a big Problem. First of all I have to look carefully after all HQs and their attached units before (!) i play my turn. If i forget it one time, it may be to late, to solve it in this turn (because of some already moved units). This means, some units will not be attached in my own turn (bad attack predictions are the result...) and (even worse) in the enemie's turn, which gives him a weak spot in my lines, to attack (if he registers the low readiness of this Units).

This last point leads to another Problem: Even if I always think over this Problem at the beginning of my turn and solve it in the way, Duke of Yorks recommends, I will not be able to solve the Problem when it first appears to a unit during my turn. Let's make an example from one of my actual games: My Opponent and me have a massive battle around Warschau in the CtA campaign. We each have about three HQs and 10 - 15 Korps there. If I destroy one of it's russian corpses and put one of mine in the free gap, it can happen, that exactly this unit has at the end of my turn no HQ attached (because of the HQ-Bug). This one will be an easy Prey for my opponents troops and all the wins of my turn are gained back by him easily, which is quite anoying...

To give you a hint: In my opinion (quite shure, but not absolutely) this Problem appears, while swaping Units, which are not attached to the same commander (and maybe while Swaping one unit attached and the other not attached at all)...

It would be very nice, if you could have a look after it. If it is usefull, I could send you a save file where this one has happend and the turn before...

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Sorry to insist, but isn`t there any solution for this problem?


You can quite surely reproduce this bug, if you swap some units twice.

As you can see, the connection of this unit is no longer shown by that green circle, and mostly the morale fell.


The auto-assist doesn`t help, because it seems not to work in the opponents turn, and the advice of the Duke of York only helps in the beginning of the turn.


Since i know you already tried to correct this in the first bugfix, it shouldn`t be such a huge problem to finish this fantastic game.

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Back after some time.   Seen this bug for some time with SC GW, don't own the other titles.  HC I have a file with this example happening a few times in a PBEM game.   Can send it if it would help.


Seams to happen most often (all the time?) in auto assist.  Suggest people be carefull when using it as at times one HQ will support the same units 2 times.. or two HQs will suppot the stame unit.   Best to use a mix of Manual, auto and auto assist... and always check your units at the start of each turn.

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None of these advices are helpfull, sorry to say, since they don`t solve the problem.


One can disconnect every unit from each HQ in your turn and reconnect to your wish, if you`re swapping them the failure occurs, leaving your units without support in the frontline. One can easily imagine what happens next.

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Apologies everyone as it has been very busy for us the last little while on our end but I will see what I can do about this bug.  Iron Ranger, yes please do send me a file with some instructions on how to repeat this bug and I'll be happy to take a look.




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