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Finnaly get it. Help please!!

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At least!! I buyed the anthlogoy the friday in my local store ( want to help the local commerce ;) )but not installed and moded until yesterday and :eek: :eek: It's simply fantastic. I maded a quick mission with a Churchill and a Firefly vs 2 PzIv and a Tiget with some infantry support. I maded very well knocking down the three german pz with only the firefly inmobilized, when the germans throw the hell over my head!! They killed 10 soldiers and injured 20!! in a single round!! Very heavy artillery. Fantstic!! I won but with too much casualtys.

Aniways I have a problem!! I cannot install Tom Ardennes mod in any form, can anyone help??

Another thing, it's possible to assign a limited points number for the enemy and make them buy his own troops??

Thank's in advance!

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ok, Toms Ardennes mods are CMMOS based for CMBO. CMMOS is the best way to load these (and other) type of mods without manually editing the bmp numbers.

1. Go to the Combat Mission HQ

2. On the left side of the page, click the CMMOS button. you will have to download the CMMOS program.

3. Go the CMBO terrain section and download the terrain rule sets, and then the "All TBM Winter" mod.

you will likely have to read up on the instructions for installing the CMMOS program, but it's pretty simple.

note that not all mods are cmmos compatible any more. most if not all of the latest mods at CMMODS (the combat mission mod database)will not run with CMMOS.

hope this helps, and happy modding!

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