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The Peng Challenge Thread: Some one get me a drink, and tell me what's going on, eh?

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Both of you pond scum would need remedial German lessons, if there were any hope that any of you had two brain cells to rub together. But I doubt you can manage that many between you two.


In the meantime, complain to Google translate for the shoddy input that was returned when your 3-year olds operated it for you.


All the best



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kohlenklau posted in the CMBN forum that he tried to get in touch with Emrys. It seems he was involved in a motorvehicle accident. He was hospitalized. But he is still with us thankfully!

Thanks for the update, PM! I know we hadn't heard anything from him since March and I checked on another site, but he hadn't been there for a couple of years, apparently. sometimes members just slip away and you don't know what happened to them. Glad he's still kicking.


I was not finished abusing him.

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Pondscum was my squire.  Squire of House Persiflage.

Well that explains everything, and nothing. But really he has been missing in action for years, ever since his French Waiters

hacked into our last game and gave my troops dodgy wine.



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Unfortunately you starting a new thread Story Teller, seems to have awakened groups of Aussies who have not been around here for quite sometime. We were quite happy with their absence, have you not heard of the phrase. "Let sleeping dogs lie"


One of my 'special powers' as an Old One, is to drive the Ozzies into a frenzy.  I think it has something to do with my affinity to drink.  The goddamn Australians aren't about anything, if not about the drink.  And I honour them for that, if nothing else.

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So, feck all this.  I may have many, many things to say to some of you later.  Even perhaps some of you younger, totally anonymous gits, whose names and putative identities I might learn later, if it seems worthwhile, but it probably won't, because you're almost certainly not worth it.  Believe me, I know.


But I came here to find out about Emrys, one of the Horsemen.  And yes, I've been to the Thread about him.  I want to know if any of you useless shower of bastards have any more info about him.  


Oh, and whatever bugger went and called, and pounded on doors, and tried to find out where Emrys was?  It's not much, lad, but you're a Seniour Knight of the Peng Challenge Thread, by all the gods.  I know you're out there.  Someone, Boo, per choice, get me the bugger's name.  




Not like most of you shower.

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Personally I view Kniggethood as sort of the management of the cesspool.  As with anywhere else the higher one goes in management, the more brain cells one seems to lose trying to utilize as many of the latest buzz words while speaking.  This is of course excepting my sire Sir Joe Shaw JFLPCT Knight Champion of the M.B.T., Justicar for Life of the Peng Challenge Thread, Creator of the Peng Challenge Thread Podcast, CessPool Drain Commissioner and Founder of the Shavian House.


I do not know who this complete and obvious idiot is, but I can't help but admire his honest admission of stupidity.  Is Shaw still here?  Is Boo sober?  Perhaps we could do something for the lad?  A whip-round, so he can buy himself into the beggar's guild, and get a good corner?

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