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The Peng Challenge Thread: Some one get me a drink, and tell me what's going on, eh?

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  • 4 weeks later...


I've been drinking in the Wasteland for ages.  Peng was there.  He wandered off.  That's his way.  Always on Walkabout.  Berli?  I know all about Berli, me lads.  Could hit him with a snowball, from my place, if it would snow.

I dunno know.  

Dalem, you idjit, and Boo, tell me.  Who should I speak with?  Is there anyone still here to address?  

I grow old, I grow old...

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The king sat in Dunfermline town
Drinking of the blood red wine
"Where can I get a good sea captain
To sail this mighty ship of mine?"

Then up there spoke a bonny boy
Sitting at the king's right knee
"Sir Patrick Spens is the very best seaman
That ever sailed upon the sea"

The king has written a broad letter
And sealed it up with his own right hand
Sending word unto Sir Patrick
To come to him at his command

"An enemy then this must be
Who told a lie concerning me
For I was never a very good seaman
Nor ever did intend to be"

Last night I saw the new, new moon
With the old moon in her arm
And that is the sign since we were born
That means there'll be a deadly storm"

They had not sailed upon the sea
A day, a day, but barely three
When loud and boisterous grew the wind
And loud and stormy grew the sea

Then up there came a mermaiden
A comb and glass, all in her hand
"Here's a health to you, my merry young men
For you'll not see dry land again"

"Oh, long may my lady stand
With a lantern in her hand
Before she sees my bonny ship
Come sailing home wards to dry land"

Forty miles off Aberdeen
The water's fifty fathoms deep
There lies good Sir Patrick Spens
With the Scots lords at his feet

"Sir Patrick Spens"

Fairport Convention

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Hey Boo,


Mind removing your flea bitten hound from Emrys's box in front of your place.  Seems he is back.  You can leave the fleas, he'll probably need a few considering his are probably all dead now that he has had a few baths compliments of the nurses.  All of whom I understand have been awarded hazard pay and qualify for health benefits under that NY first responder's bill.  As soon as the CDC allows them out of quarantine that is.


And for those trying to figure out what Seanachai is going on about in that drunken slurred speech- here is the long version and thank god he didn't use that.


Edited by sburke
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What's a busket list? Is that something that people from the land of Hiyawtha make before going shopping?

How can you miss something that never ever happened?

First of all, I don't like any of you lot.

Bth of all, I saw the new Star Wars movie.  Yuck.

Nexth of all ...

Oh, eff it.  Merry Christmas, you bunch of Pengers.  I have Y-wings and you don't.  Plus I just completed my Xmas Eve ritual, which is watching Bill Murray's Scrooged, drinking of drink, and smoking Partagas Black Gigante cigars.

And Seanachai is calling me...  Coincidence?

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Just wanted to pop in and wish all you wankers a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a very Festive Yuletide. May you all find joy in this holiday season.


Shut UP and Sod OFF! What kind of a Peng Challenge Thread has this become? "Hail Fellow, well met." ... "I say, do you happen to have any Grey Poupon?" ... "Thanks awfully old man, I do appreciate the kind words and advice"

It's enough to make one vomit in disgust ... in MY day we had a Peng Challenge Thread worthy of the name, with naught but bile and innuendo ... some of it was actually true. And now to see a bona fide Knight of the CessPool wishing everyone Holiday Greetings (and don't start with me, I refer to the multiple holidays mentioned ... not that I much care WHAT you lot think of my views on the subject.)

In MY day if you wanted to bold something you did it properly, as men do, with UBB code surrounding the words.

In MY day we had GIANTS here, GIANTS I say. These mewling kittens that skitter about now aren't worthy to sop up the spillings from the piss buckets carried by the Squires in those days.

No doubt some will take the opportunity to ATTEMPT to debase my comments by suggesting that I'm of ancient enough lineage as to rival that of Arthur, but by GAWD I know my Iron Chef Sakai from my Chupacabra from my Hakko Ichiu ("Hewhosenamesoundslikeasneeze") and in any case there's not a one of you who has the caliber to dent MY glacis.

Were there still Knights of such stature I might still choose to inhabit these parts ... but it's too sad now, it's too hurtful to see.

So piddle along as you choose, I remain the Beloved Justicar for Life of the Peng Challenge Thread and I STAND FOR THE CESSPOOL!

Sir Joe Shaw, JFLPCT


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Hiram!  I saw this and thought of you.

That was truly sick and perverted (at least you can say you're consistent). And much too long. Much, much too long.

Although the teen aged cheerleaders were cool. Just watching them perform for five minutes would have been okay. Try to keep that in mind the next time you experience the urge to bring something to our attention.


Edited by Michael Emrys
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