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The Peng Challenge Thread: Some one get me a drink, and tell me what's going on, eh?

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An' ye're a gluten free vegan lemon blackberry bundt cake jammed between a sassanach's spotty arse cheeks, laddie. But ye alraidy knew that, did'n ye?

And you're a big girl's blouse with a mind like a lava lamp in a meat locker and whose bodily funk is enough to strip paint from porous wood.

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No, it's sort of like the old Cheesy Wiffler threads, but not even quite like those. It's like Cheesy Wiffler Lite as enacted by people who spent their oxygen starved toddler years teething on playpens detailed with lead paint.


Sad, really.


I'd even welcome a battle of wits between RLeete and Aussie Jeff.

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