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If CMFI is going to get some attention, will that include the PzKpfw M15/42 or the PzKpfw P26/40? They're Italian-built tanks used by the Germans, but made too late to be used by the Italian Army. They would be roughly similar (though inferior) to the Stuart and Sherman, and there were about 100 of each.

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There are a few other late war vehicles coming from northern Italy industries, such as the semovente 75/46


Even the 105mm version.


Or the AB43


In different versions of late war.

Late war armored cars:

S37 protetto


665 scudato




Moreover, there's a Whole bounch of new Fascist formations, most of them with German equipment and training, made from the Social Republic of Salo, such as the Republic National Guard.

Some of those units had a good level of "motivation" and training, in terms of combat mission games.


There were a lot of fights involving partisan units in northern Italy, in 1944/45. These kind of small unit fights, with old and low-quality vehicles, mixed formations etc. could be very well modeled with this game capabilities.

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