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How to play 1:2 or 2:2 PBEM?

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I heard that you can enjoy 1:2 or 2:2 PBEM multi in CMBS, which is not perfect but still enjoyable. How is that working? I'm curious about detailed process. Is this A(1) -> A (2) -> B (1) -> B (2)? or A(1) ->  B(1) -> A(2) -> B (2)? A and B are team, 1 and 2 are players. 


Also, if 1 vs 2 is possible, then can I join AI vs 2 players PBEM multi? In this case, is this should be multiplay PBEM? or should both player share the save file against single AI? 



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I've never personally played a game this way, but it should be possible. The first scenario you have would be the way to do it.


A1 plots their movement orders (for their units only) saves the file and sends it to A2. Important to note that this save file will go to the
"Saved Games" folder and not the "Outgoing Email" folder. A2 receives the file from A1, plots their orders, and then pushes the big red button. A2 would be responsible for sending the file to the opposing team. B1 receives the file, process repeats through B team and B2 then sends the new file to A1 again. 


This should work whether it is against a human opponent or AI, although I would say if you're already going through the trouble of PBEM it makes more sense to have a human opponent. 


It would require pretty high levels of cooperation and communication between the players on the same teams. While it easy enough to assign organized force structures to individual players, certain things like off board artillery and CAS would have to be thoughtfully assigned as to not leave your teammate with little / no support. 

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It would require pretty high levels of cooperation and communication between the players on the same teams.


That's the best part of this kind of gaming.


Never tried it, but you can pretty well assume coms problems etc.


You can also set a high electronic warfare condition, or, impose as a house rule that the two players can not communicate at all (you'll need 3 other players who want to follow the rules).

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That is entirely possible and I have played several of such games. The mechanics of passing the save game file around are pretty straightforward. Hickups happen but not very often.


Theoretically you can play N:N games or N:AI but no experience with N>2.

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We played a large battle among three of us (all coop against the AI) last year using CMBN. It was a lot of fun but does go kind of slow since the file passes to everyone people before you are ready to hit the red button and have the turn go. In reality only two of us were commanding actual units on the map, the third player was the battalion commander and just age us orders. Our battle was two hours and we were pretty diligent about updates and it went about 6 weeks. You can speed things up in coop at least by running through multiple turns by one guy when little is happening. This requires two key factors.


1 Players have given orders to units and let everyone know their intent if something happens:

2. Absence of control freak players that have to look at every little meter of ground on every replay and people who are comfortable with letting the occasional turn go by. This works best during movement to contact and not in full on combat.



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Poesel, how was you and your ally's deck usually? was that 1 company or 1~2 platoon for each, with divided supports? Or one player took all infantry while another took vehicles and supports?


We found that we didn't like QBs too much - it's a bit like playing 'Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock'. You buy the right stuff and have won or lost the game right from the start and now played several months to find it out.

So its mostly playing scenarios or now one game in an OP level context. There we divided after nations - one has the Italians, on the Germans. In other cases it was more left & right. Whichever suits you.

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