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Problems installing patches.

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Hey there.

Recently bought myself Shock force because of my interest with the modern combat in the Afghanistan area and insurgency in general and was patching the game up then I hit a problem.

I got to version 1.21 trying to patch to version 1.31 however it will not work giving the error Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. 

I've tried downloading from every single one of the patches from the website however get the same error every time. 

The 1.32 patch however does work but the game won't start if I skip said 1.31 patch


Any help would be very appreciated. 

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I had this issue once, now trying to remember what I did to make it work. 


Did you attempt to start the game when patch 1.21 was installed?  If I remember correctly I started the game and then closed it at the main menu screen, then I continued to patch the game up to 1.32. 

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Does anybody have a safe advise in which order to install anything including patches if I just bought SF and all the three addons?


Reading the different patch readme files didn't accomplish to leave me with a secure feeling about what to do to have it done correctly.

SF downloads and installs as ver 1.10. Now I have to intermix several patches with those addons, since the patches unfortunately are all working incremental.


Would be helpful if you could simply download the patched game right away...

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Virus software tends to be a giant PIA when it come to any CMX2 games. At this point whenever I install a new module or title I make sure to exclude all the folders and exe from all scans by Norton.


Enjoy the game guys...if this is your first experience with CMX2 you are in for a great time. Shock Force is really fun. I can't wait until they remake it with all the extras we have now.




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I think Battlefront needs in the future to have all these patches in one big file, no more incremental patches when the game is from 2007.  However, I did read somewhere that this was done recently.  So far, the help given from the company is top notch.  They get right back to you on questions, very nice and better than dumpy Steam.

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This was done ('large single patch/installer') for CMBN, which uses a different copy-protection system than CMSF. I'm not sure what it would take to create a single installer/patcher file for an eLicense game, so it may not happen. 

There are rumors (and just that, rumors) that a CMSF2 may be on the distant horizon. It would utilize the newer engine with all of its updates and possibly have an updated story line. I have no idea when work on such a project may start or where exactly it would fit into Battlefront's current development road map.

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