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D-day is upon us. The Battery at Merville needs to be silenced. Playtesters wanted.

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Phew, this scenario has been an almost Herculean effort to complete, but is almost finished. It took way much longer than first anticipated. But I've learned a lot in the process.


It is now ready for some playtesting. I hope there are some volunteers. PM me or reply to this topic and I'll send the file/link in a couple of days.


It is as historical as possible (only Allies vs. AI), with some adaptations to fit the game and be enjoyable to play. One hour battle, but with not too many units. Requires both MG and VP. I might do a non-VP version later on.


View from Gonneville (not 100% finished map):



Silence the guns - four casemates that threaten the landings at Sword Beach:



Moving into position:



Hurry, hurry...



Finding cover:



First contact:





Blowing the wires - all hell breakes loose:


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Just want to add that Rocketman did indeed an amazing work on this scen to be as historical as possible. Really serious work that will please many I think !

I sure did my best with the resources at hand. Some info contradicted other information, so I balanced the best I could so that it is historically "correct" while making sure it is fun to play and adapted to the limits of what the game can produce. I added a few minor things as well as did some creative stuff with the map to make it come alive more. The real area is really flat and from the photos I've seen of the area, not that much farmland either.


Also, at this stage I think I have sufficient playtesting underway. Thanks!

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