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Allies - CMBN Buying The Farm - Crowd-sourced DAR

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Minute 25-24:
The road went along pretty well. The guys on the left side of the road fired down it. The tank fired down it. The German team managed to hit one more of my guys and that caused the squad to run back and around the corner. The engineers finished marking the mines.



Figure 73 Firing down the road

The mortar team got to the edge of their clearing, setup and fire the first round just as the minute ended. This is a good view of the clearing they are in. This is looking back towards my starting point. The clearing is in the woods behind the camera is more forest. So the mortar team firing at a target they can see through the trees and they are firing into the open air of the clearing.


Figure 74 First round is away

Lots of firing going on in the woods.



Figure 75 Teams in the left and right side of the woods engage their targets

On the right side of the woods about half way through the turn bad things start happening.



Figure 76 Something big starts hitting

But after one explosion my men go back to what they were doing.



Figure 77 The first found was no big deal...

But by the fourth… They are not too happy. I took two or three casualties and the team ends the turn still shaken. The first shot looked like direct fire from another un seen gun the others could have been too but they looked a little different. No one knows who is shooting at them or where it is coming from. I have a vague idea the rounds looked like they came from the trench works.



Figure 78 By the fourth round there are casualties and a shaken team

Over on the left side of the woods all is well.



Figure 79 On the left side of the woods all is well










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This is the thread for my half of the experiment with @Method Gamer. The plan is to have me on the attack against him defending in the scenario Buying the Farm.  The goal is for this to be a good intr

I tried to use a mortar in a similar way against the AI, from a similar place. In my case, the target was an enemy 81mm mortar crew, in one of the foxholes over to the east, in front of the barn , nex

Initial situation My orders are simple – capture the farm. To accomplish that task, I have a company of infantry supported by a platoon of four Stuart light tanks and a platoon of Engineers. Also ava

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Minute 24: Orders
With the tank and the men on the left side of the road firing the guys on the right will advance to get their guns on target too.


Figure 80 Orders along the road

The second tank will not try to skirt the mines. It looks like there could be enough room but it is hard to know for sure. The only way to find out is to try.



Figure 81 Time for a tank to skirt the mines

Also get the squad that retreated back into the road.



Figure 82 Get the squad back into the road

In the woods two fire teams not shaken will run back from the area the HE is coming down. One of them was pilled too and I had to use the ABC command. One team on the left will continue to fire on the foxholes while the other moves up to get a better vantage point to kill them.


Figure 83 Pull back on the right and push forward on the left


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All good stuff here.  I usually just fired at the front of the bocage with tanks or guns, but I tried to drop mortars on the far side of the bocage.  Now I will check to see if my tanks and guns can get a spot on the other side of the bocage.


Following the two threads with great interest.  Thanks for doing this, guys.




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Minute 24-23:
While the move up the road is progressing well. My men are no longer taking much if any fire from the bend in the road. They are still shooting at the last known enemy location though.



Figure 84 Moving up the road

The first supporting tank passed the mines without incident.


Figure 85 Passing the mines

Nasty Mortar hits this turn even as my men run away. The platoon in the woods has taken the following casualties:
1st squad has taken seven casualties and is down to five men.
2nd squad has taken two casualties
3rd squad has taken two casualties also

Figure 86 Mortars continue to cause casualties

My men who are not under the barrage continue to find targets. They are not hitting them mind you.



Figure 87 Trying to hit fleeing Germans

Minute 23: Orders
The road advance is going well so it will continue. A platoon of men plus two tanks are not in the lane.


Figure 88 Moving up the road

In the woods the plan is to do nothing and try to stay away from the barrage or hidden in place.



Figure 89 In the woods









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Ahh, so breach the bocage, then re-breach back onto the road?


That could take 4 demo charges. For me, it sometimes takes 2 to get a vehicle-sized hole in bocage. About 1/3 of the time. Unless I'm counting on it. Then it's 100%, and a random shell will always find the guy carrying the charges. ;)  

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Well more great advice, I'm learning plenty here. Thanks guys.

Bil, good point about being seen everywhere. I had not though of that. You are right I should have planned to make some noise every where. I had not thought about the different in noise level between quick and hunt. I mean I knew if would be different but I did not consider it. And I was planning to move up the road at roughly the same speed as through the forest but the mines messed that up. It is actually interesting to see the contacts he sees. It is not often that you get to see what you'd moves look like to the opposition.

Ken, yeah further not father doh! You are right I should have begun moving another team or two of engineers as soon as I saw the hedge hogs. And smoke yeah I will likely need that. I usually forget about infantry based smoke. I will check who's got if and who doesn't.

There is 'no' difference in noise levels.  Move, Quick, Fast, and Slow all make the same amount of noise.  Plus, you have to be pretty close to the enemy for a sound contact to even pop up.  I would of done exactly what you did and quick through 75% of those woods.  If you did not have armor he would not have know you were there.  Now your armor is a different story.  As soon as they started to move through those woods I guarantee he seen a noise contact.  So he knows what is coming.

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Minute 23-22:
This was a turn much like the last turn. The attack in the woods stayed stalled while my men were under a mortar barrage while the attack up the road advanced more with my men taking some fire and giving back in spades to the known enemy locations.


Figure 90 Moving forward

While men are moving forward along the road to get better positions to take deal with the enemy covering the road and eventually to get to that AT gun those that already have a LOF are using it.


Figure 91 Covering fire

In the woods near the road (left hand woods) one of my teams spots the enemy trying to with draw.


Figure 92 Fire on fleeing enemy

They manage to prevent one from being a problem later.


Figure 93 Got one

Meanwhile in the right hand woods my men are still under mortar fire and trying to ride it out.


Figure 94 Still taking mortar fire

The mortar team is still taking aim on the AT gun’s position. Another spotting round is away. Hopefully they will start to really send rounds down range in the next minute.


Figure 95 Still sending mortar fire toward the AT gun


Figure 96 Round away

Minute 22: Orders

Now that things have quieted down on the left side of the woods I’ll move 3rd squad back up to the bocage line. That way they can support the road advance by offering some flank protection.


Figure 97 Left woods move up to bocage

1st squad over on the right side of the woods is a mess and are still taking mortar fire. They continue to just hide and hope for the best.


Figure 98 right woods still a mess

On the road those that have a line of fire on known enemy positions use it. Those that don’t move up so they do.



Figure 99 Move up and keep firing













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OK thanks to @Vinnart's post about Overlay Maker: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/119690-is-there-a-printable-or-jpeg-version-of-some-of-the-maps/#entry1610231


I sent a small amount of time getting my icons into the program and came up with this where we currently are image.  This represents the orders I just gave and the location of my units.  I did this quick so only 1 platoon is split into squads and only one of the elements of 4 platoon (the weapons platoon) is shown - the mortar team firing on the AT gun.





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Minute 22-21:
The mortar and other HE rounds finally stopped in the woods. My men take the time to tend to the wounded.


Figure 101 Tending to wounded

There is still action in the road way. I am taking fire from a new location. At least I think there is a new team firing at me. Given the volume of fire aimed at the known enemy I find it hard to believe there is effective fire coming my way from them.


Figure 102 Still taking fire in the road way

Here is just some of that outgoing fire. Nearly a whole platoon of infantry plus the tanks are shooting at them.


Figure 103 Return fire

Having my lead teams crawling up the edge of the bocage pays off. They spot this ambush just past the edge of the woods.


Figure 104 Waiting in ambush

They know what to do…


Figure 105 Crawling up the edge of the bocage pays off

One thwarted ambush (although they are only taking cover they are not dealt with). If my troops in the road had just quick moved along it once the first contact was suppressed they would have run right into this and paid a heavy price. This time I got lucky and my lead team spotted them first. Even if it had not gone my way only one of my teams would have paid the price.


Figure 106 Pinned ambush

Sometimes I think it would be better to target near where the enemy gun is since shells so rarely land right on target. Really that’s just observation bias – here I am breaking it and reporting the thing I think I never see. That probably hurt the AT gun. I hope. This is only 60mm so it is hard to predict what might have been done to the crew or the gun.


Figure 107 Right on target










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Minute 21: Orders
Here you can see with the debris from the shelling settling my men have spotted two new contacts and some trench works near the farm. My initial contacts are starting to fade since I have not seen their heads up in a while. Note that certainly does not mean they have been taken out just that my suppression has worked and their heads are down.


Figure 108 New contacts and fading intell

Some of the woods teams will move forward so the tank can have some protection to get into a position to put some HE into that trench system. Now that the mortar fire is landing around the AT gun I feel OK moving the tanks forward some. They still need an infantry screen. It might be a bit thin on the right but I’ll fix it up as things move along. In looking at this screen capture I think I should have paused the tank at the second way point just to give the infantry some time to get a head. Oh well not looking back now…


Figure 109 Moving up in the woods including a tank

In the road more infantry take up positions to bring killing fire on the known enemy contacts.


Figure 110 Moving for more return fire

Since the troops on the road are moving well I am positioning my reinforcements closer to that avenue of approach so I can take advantage once the lead platoon breaks the first line of defense. Note I am not fully committing them to this route just positioning them closer to flavour that direction. You cannot always do that but since this area in the back has such good cover I can shift these guys around quite a bit. Many scenarios changing which attack route you want to take is difficult. I am taking full advantage of this terrain. What this means is that I think the road is the likely place they will be used. If am right about that they will be rested and sitting right at the entrance of road so they can get going quickly. If things change I can shift them into the woods and let them rest up and be ready there too. Right now I am betting that the road will be my main thrust.


Figure 111 Moving up reinforcements



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Minute 21-20:
This was a pretty good turn for me. The road is getting more secure as time goes on. The ambush along the side has been neutralized.


Figure 112 Finish Off Ambush

The last remaining member of the German ambush team surrenders.


Figure 113 Last German surrenders

In the woods as my men move up new HE starts arriving. This looks like it being fire from a gun.


Figure 114 Moving up in the woods

Sure enough a few minutes later an Infantry Gun is spotted in the trench works.


Figure 115 Infantry Gun spotted

My men moving forward in the woods also confirm the fate of the AT gun. That is good news.


Figure 116 Confirmation of AT gun status



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Minute 20: Orders
The orders are more of the same except it is time to breach to bocage to the right so the tanks can get around those hedge hogs.


Figure 117 Move up to breach

More moving up the road to get better LOF on the enemy at the end of the road.


Figure 118 Continue to move up road

The mortar team that took out the AT gun will move up and attempt the same for the IG.


Figure 119 Move to deal with IG

Meanwhile on of the woods tanks will keep their heads down.


Figure 120 Suppress IG

1st platoon HQ in the woods needs to shift to maintain C2 with his men.


Figure 121 Move to maintain C2

The planned artillery is on its way. I am not going to cancel it but I am behind schedule so instead of softening the farm defenders up before the assault it will have to suffice to stifle the enemy’s ability to move resources. I hope it accomplishes something.


Figure 122 Planned artillery has begun to fall



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Minute 20-19:
Maintain fire on the known enemy location so the Engineers can do their work.


Figure 123 Still firing down road

The bocage breach does not go as expected. What it used to look like.


Figure 124 Plan was to breach bocage to the right

The breach was forward and not to the right. Now that I think of it the blast along the right bocage could have been interpreted as a breach forward toward the bocage sticking out into the road.


Figure 125 Breach

And it did just that. But look it also took out half the hedge hogs. This might just work out better. The tanks can move down the road now without going into the firing line of any guns in the trench works. I’ll take that.


Figure 126 That was not as planned - but good

The IG and tank duel.


Figure 127 IG fires at tank


Figure 128 Tank fires back

The tank actually was hit. No significant damage.


Figure 129 Tank takes a hit

The IG looks fine too.


Figure 130 IG still OK

Over near the woods a lone German tries to get away. The tankers overreact.


Figure 131 Escape ends badly


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Minute 19: Orders
During the turn several contacts are detected on the left moving towards the corner of the road. I am going to try to move my platoon up and cut them off. Since my men are going to be too close to the site were the tank has been firing I have switched it to a 15s target briefly.
Figure 132 Covering fire on the road

Followed by one team moving to the hedge hogs and firing past the obstruction where the enemy contacts seemed to be heading.
Figure 133 Secure the road

While another team races to a spot where they can surprise the Germans. Who will surprise whom? We will find out next turn.
Figure 134 Secure the road

Meanwhile in the woods the platoon moves forward to the bocage. This time with the tanks close behind.


Figure 135 Moving up to the bocage

The mortar that already dealt with the AT gun gets setup to do the same to the IG


Figure 136 Setup to fire on IG


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Outstanding turn (and pix)!


I didn't know you could demo hedgehogs! Somewhere I thought they were permanent. Nice to know...


Looks like your attack is about to generate some self-sustaining momentum. This is a critical 2-5 turn period. (As opposed to the other, non-critical, periods. ;) )

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LOL yeah.  Just like the what CEOs always say - this is our most important moment.


I did not think you could clear hedge hogs either.  But I am not sure that you really can - need to test (not sure when I'll get time to do that mind you).  I wonder if it was a side effect of blasting the bocage and they were collateral damage.  If you cannot issue a blast command over hedge hogs then you can only clear them if there is a wall or bocage near by and only if you get a bit lucky.

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Wow. Demo charges can take out hedgehogs as "collateral damage"! Just been to try it for myself, and can confirm that a "Blast" order into an AS of hedgehogs where there's nothing else to destroy doesn't do anything (the engineers "Hide" for the 15s as usual, then just get up and run to the waypoint without detonating or expending their pack). But if there's something to Blast adjacent to the jacks, the jacks get blown away too. It appears that an adjacent half-AS of Blastable thing must be blown up. If the hedgehogs are the other side of a hedge, they aren't damaged, because there's a half-AS of empty space between the blown hedge (which runs down the middle of its AS) and the obstacles, but if the hedgehogs are next to the end of a full AS of hedge, and you blast that end piece, they are affected.


This is groundbreaking news. Well, at least interesting. Changes the use of AT obstacles quite a lot.

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Wow. Demo charges can take out hedgehogs as "collateral damage"! Just been to try it for myself, and can confirm that a "Blast" order into an AS of hedgehogs where there's nothing else to destroy doesn't do anything (the engineers "Hide" for the 15s as usual, then just get up and run to the waypoint without detonating or expending their pack). But if there's something to Blast adjacent to the jacks, the jacks get blown away too. It appears that an adjacent half-AS of Blastable thing must be blown up. If the hedgehogs are the other side of a hedge, they aren't damaged, because there's a half-AS of empty space between the blown hedge (which runs down the middle of its AS) and the obstacles, but if the hedgehogs are next to the end of a full AS of hedge, and you blast that end piece, they are affected.


This is groundbreaking news. Well, at least interesting. Changes the use of AT obstacles quite a lot.

Hasn't it always been that way? I recall hedgehogs being insusceptible to "blast" in one of those C&F missions waaaaay back. Did that change with an intervening patch?

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Hasn't it always been that way? I recall hedgehogs being insusceptible to "blast" in one of those C&F missions waaaaay back. Did that change with an intervening patch?

We've always known that you can't directly Blast hedgehogs. But this is the first time I've ever seen any reference to them being vulnerable to "collateral damage" from Blasting something else near them. We've known that landmines will detonate "sympathetically" if you Blast over them (through some wire, perhaps, since again you can't just Blast any old Action Spot, which is what a mine AS looks like), but not hedgehogs. I guess most of the time people do their blasting-to-bypass a bit further away from the obstacles. Indeed, if Ian's Blast order had gone through the hedgerow at 90 degrees to the direction they actually Blasted, we still wouldn't have seen this.


The new thing is the collateral damage.

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 if Ian's Blast order had gone through the hedgerow at 90 degrees to the direction they actually Blasted, we still wouldn't have seen this.


Just to clarify I ordered the blast along the right bocage row.  My intention was to blast a hole to the right.  However since there was a little fly out at 90 degrees in towards the road my order was towards that.  The game interpreted my intentions as blasting forward since there actually was something forward to blast.  I try to avoid having engineers blast through things if at all possible since they so often end up getting shot on the other side.  It seems that the game prioritizes things ahead of your blast order before it looks for things to blast beside your blast order.

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