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SeinfeldRules Scenario Thread

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I also wanted to chime in and tell you that I love your scenarios and maps. The size of the scenarios fits my taste really well. Small enough so that you don't lose track of your forces, you can play the scenarios in depth with a lot of care in just 1-2 evenenings and you never feel like it's micro management work. The maps are also done with a lot of love and are very inspiring. 

I'm planning to play Gorbatzewich Road Block next. I'm increasing the time for the scenario a bit though, as I plan to impose some roleplay restrictions on myself. As the Soviets only have a single radio with them, communication between split-up forces will be non-existent (I might role play three flare-signals though ^^) or down to messengers/runners. I will provide a short summary how it went.


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On 4/12/2015 at 4:19 PM, SeinfeldRules said:

Hi all,


I've been working on a whole bunch of scenarios for CMRT, and finally got around to finishing a couple. I'll use this thread to post whatever I manage to finish. I have 4 for today (though one has already been posted before, just tweaked it a little), and hopefully I can put the finishing touches on 1 or 2 for tomorrow. Most of these have had barely any playtesting, beyond what I could do by myself. That's where I need feedback from you guys. These are not 100% tested. Please let me know what I can change to make it better!


I like small, company sized engagements. All of these have 2 companies or less. These may be suitable for H2H, do not have anyone to test them with though. All my maps are "hand made" originals. They look best with my terrain mod IMO!


Interlock OP v1.0





You are in command of a German Grenadier platoon in Estonia. Soviet forces have secured an interlocking tower overlooking our forward positions and are calling artillery on our forces. You have been tasked with securing the tower by force and securing whatever intel you can. Axis vs AI only



Pastureland v1.0





The Germans are falling back in confusion. Our tank corps and mehanized infantry have pushed far foward, leaving us, the dismounted infantry, behind to mop up the remnants and widen the corridors. Your company was doing exactly that when you came out of a small copse of trees and immediately started taking machinegun fire. A large, open pastureland sits between you and the incoming fire. On the far side, a group of buildings on the outskirts of a village. You determine that is where the enemy fire is coming from, and you immediately decide to attack. Allied vs AI only.



Gorbatzewich Roadblock v1.0





You are in command of a Soviet Cavalry Squadron southwest of Babruysk. After several long days of fighting, we have finally managed to capture the vital city and open the road to Minsk. Remnants of German forces still remain around the city, occupying blocking positions and doing their best to prevent our forces from rushing into Minsk. One of these blocking forces is located in the village to your immediate front. Allied vs AI only



Amongst the Ruins v1.0





You are in command of a German Pioneer Company somewhere within a large city inside Belarus. We have been fighting with the Soviets for control of this vital city for several days now. Your company has been tasked with taking back a bombed out industrial area. Axis vs AI only



Seinfeld, thank you for scenarios, they are great! 

What AD in the beginning of the scenario name stands for?

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On 7/16/2021 at 9:56 PM, dbsapp said:

What AD in the beginning of the scenario name stands for?

See below.  :)

On 12/23/2015 at 6:34 AM, kohlenklau said:

By the way, what does the AD mean in front of the scenario name? Your initials?


On 12/23/2015 at 11:28 AM, SeinfeldRules said:

It is my initials - I started doing it as a quick way to find scenarios I was testing, but I liked the way it grouped all my content together at the top of the scenario list... so it stuck. :)


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On 4/13/2015 at 1:40 AM, SeinfeldRules said:

I have never played CMx2 head to head, so I don't know how to design towards that type of gameplay. The scenarios may work, they may not, I just don't know!

A scenario will always work for H2H. They are maybe not always very balanced, but real battles usually aren't I think, and could of that reason be a more fun challenge for the underdog.

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