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SeinfeldRules Scenario Thread

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Hi all,   I've been working on a whole bunch of scenarios for CMRT, and finally got around to finishing a couple. I'll use this thread to post whatever I manage to finish. I have 4 for today (though

Another scenario...   Assault Position v1.0   https://www.dropbox.com/s/d85cs6w3xeeg0oi/AD%20Assault%20Position.zip?dl=0     Our forces are counterattacking. Having detrained merely days ago,

Thank you for the high praise, my maps are a personal point of pride and I do my best to make them feel absolutely real... and coming from you, it definitely means a lot!   I still hope to publish m

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I also wanted to chime in and tell you that I love your scenarios and maps. The size of the scenarios fits my taste really well. Small enough so that you don't lose track of your forces, you can play the scenarios in depth with a lot of care in just 1-2 evenenings and you never feel like it's micro management work. The maps are also done with a lot of love and are very inspiring. 

I'm planning to play Gorbatzewich Road Block next. I'm increasing the time for the scenario a bit though, as I plan to impose some roleplay restrictions on myself. As the Soviets only have a single radio with them, communication between split-up forces will be non-existent (I might role play three flare-signals though ^^) or down to messengers/runners. I will provide a short summary how it went.


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