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SeinfeldRules Scenario Thread

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Hi all,


I've been working on a whole bunch of scenarios for CMRT, and finally got around to finishing a couple. I'll use this thread to post whatever I manage to finish. I have 4 for today (though one has already been posted before, just tweaked it a little), and hopefully I can put the finishing touches on 1 or 2 for tomorrow. Most of these have had barely any playtesting, beyond what I could do by myself. That's where I need feedback from you guys. These are not 100% tested. Please let me know what I can change to make it better!


I like small, company sized engagements. All of these have 2 companies or less. These may be suitable for H2H, do not have anyone to test them with though. All my maps are "hand made" originals. They look best with my terrain mod IMO!


Interlock OP v1.0





You are in command of a German Grenadier platoon in Estonia. Soviet forces have secured an interlocking tower overlooking our forward positions and are calling artillery on our forces. You have been tasked with securing the tower by force and securing whatever intel you can. Axis vs AI only



Pastureland v1.0





The Germans are falling back in confusion. Our tank corps and mehanized infantry have pushed far foward, leaving us, the dismounted infantry, behind to mop up the remnants and widen the corridors. Your company was doing exactly that when you came out of a small copse of trees and immediately started taking machinegun fire. A large, open pastureland sits between you and the incoming fire. On the far side, a group of buildings on the outskirts of a village. You determine that is where the enemy fire is coming from, and you immediately decide to attack. Allied vs AI only.



Gorbatzewich Roadblock v1.0





You are in command of a Soviet Cavalry Squadron southwest of Babruysk. After several long days of fighting, we have finally managed to capture the vital city and open the road to Minsk. Remnants of German forces still remain around the city, occupying blocking positions and doing their best to prevent our forces from rushing into Minsk. One of these blocking forces is located in the village to your immediate front. Allied vs AI only



Amongst the Ruins v1.0





You are in command of a German Pioneer Company somewhere within a large city inside Belarus. We have been fighting with the Soviets for control of this vital city for several days now. Your company has been tasked with taking back a bombed out industrial area. Axis vs AI only



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I love that AMTRAK-SKI train station at the bottom with the elevated tunnel. Very imaginative use of the map editor!


Yes, very nice !


this might very well be the best 'bombed out' city map i have seen so far and the overall mapdesign is VERY GOOD !


I have downloaded this one and will take it for a spin tonight... :)


Thank you for these scenarios...

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I have never played CMx2 head to head, so I don't know how to design towards that type of gameplay. The scenarios may work, they may not, I just don't know! Unfortunately I don't really have the time to dedicate to playtesting with someone else (my amount of free time comes and goes from week to week), but if anyone else wants to try, I am more then open to critiques geared towards H2H play!

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Another scenario...


Assault Position v1.0






Our forces are counterattacking. Having detrained merely days ago, your Regiment has been pushing around the flank of the Soviets, looking for an opportunity to halt the Russian juggernaut. Your panzergrenadier company has been tasked with securing the flank of our regiment's counterattack by taking a town overlooking an important road highway. Located on the reverse slope of a ridgeline, you determine that a wooded grove just NW of the town (and SE of your assembly area) would be the perfect place to form up your company before it's final attack on the main Soviet defenses. The morning of your attack, you begin to move your company to take your assault position. Axis vs AI only.

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Guys, would love some feedback on these scenarios... I really threw them out there with the minimum amount of playtesting (I figure 5 ok scenarios now is better then just one that is super polished 3 months from now...), so I know these can be way better!

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  I just finished playing Interlock OP.  I ended up with a tactical victory at Elite.  I thought it played out rather well.




  I don't want to give away the battle for those who have yet to play it.  I had the tower with around 6 minutes to go.  I took casualties trying to get across the tracks.  The crossfire was very effective. 


  At one point I had only one man inside the tower and two of the scout team survivors on the outside covering the flank.  It was a tense fight getting that one guy into the tower, and even then, that one guy heroically took on the officer and radio man inside the first floor.  He had only his bolt action rifle and he took them both out as he took cover behind the train station desk...okay, so I made that up; there was no train station desk, but he got the draw on the Soviets.


  It took a while to get more guys inside.  The fire from the foxholes was very effective at keeping my guys shaken inside the building.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to rally the men until I brought up the remainder of the units and rushed the tower.  I wouldn't have been as successful if I didn't have the Leutnant pop smoke across the tracks before doing the charge to the building.   


  The flamethrower guy was a nice addition.  I actually managed to keep him alive so that he got into action on the back side of the tower against the foxholes there.


  I'm not sure how you could make it better.  It felt very good as is.  Yes, I did have the tower with time to spare, but my guys bled quite a bit taking it.  I didn't rush to get there, but I also didn't take my time.  You can't put troops in the small farm as that would destroy the surprise element that the attackers are trying to achieve.  If you put troops in the small farm, a firefight breaks out, and then the defenders in the tower are alerted.


  I did a lot of quick move and then hunt to approach the small farm.  Once there, I tried to hunt my way with the scout team across the field and along the road while I hunted with one of the squads towards the crossing shed.  I used scouts which found the first foxhole...and died...but that gave the following squad the chance to open up on the foxhole and assault it.


  Once the foxhole group opened up on my guys, I took fire from the tower as well.  Everyone was alerted.  I covered the tower with the LMG and a full squad with the rifle grenade guy.  They suppressed the tower while I quick-hunted the scout team (down to two now) directly towards the tower and then crawled them up the embankment to bring fire on the tower from close up with their SMGs.


  If you use infantry tactics well, keep the tower suppressed, don’t blunder into the hidden foxholes, and remember little things like popping smoke to help conceal your rush to the tower, you can get there with time to spare.  I’m not sure, but it appeared that reinforcements for the Soviets came from the far foxhole on the left flank and maybe from the other train buildings on the far end of the tracks.  That might just be my imagination.


  Your Axis troop mix was just right.  I thought the Soviet troops gave a good fight too.  Your scenario played out well and had a very realistic feel to it.  As attacker you had to move quickly to keep the element of surprise, hurry before it got light, but not go so fast as to blunder into defenses you knew the enemy had the time to set up.  Once the shooting started, you had to rush across a killing zone of train tracks with no cover. 


  Really nice battle.  It was quick, direct, to the point, and required clever use of the assets provided.



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Hey SeinfeldRules, I have just played Gorbatzewich Roadblock and spent a very enjoyable hour or so (total victory always helps though!!)..


Ok ... I'll tell it how it is ... I absolutely loved this scenario for the following reasons:


The briefing and associated graphics were absolutely on the mark.

The map is a good size which gives the player heaps of options.

Force balance and mix is on the money.

Gameplay and AI stacks up.


Thanks for this one mate ...

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these scnarios are so freaking goood. but they are so cruel!..that damned tower i thought i hade beet when the squads in the deep flank over the rail road ruined my night. i earned that damned tower i tell you!...that said if you like making scn keep making them..if you like company stuff you might haVE OR get a hold of some old asl stuff and convert them. the boards are all on the net virtual style and easy to obtain. if you did not already know all this. I made a movie of this disaster. The horror:P

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Thank you for the feedback combatintman and grungar! I'm happy everyone has liked them so far. I'll definitely look into some of the ASL stuff, do they have scenario "stories" like CM, or is it more of a freeform scenario, kind of like a Quick Battle?


fry30, I've never thought about it that way, but it's very true! I feel there are lots of these little "episodes" in war, you just have to read between the lines when books and such talk about macro level events. Not everything has to be a titanic clash, even the "quiet" periods were full of patrolling and small unit actions.


And another one:



Into Lithuania v1.0






Our tanks drive on into Lithuania. Following the capture of Minsk, our forces are now pushing up the road to Vilnius. Your company of T-34s is currently leading that push, and just as you cross the border of Belarus and Lithuania, your lead vehicle brews up in a mighty explosion. It is clear the Germans have something waiting for you in the village ahead... Allied vs AI only.

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I've something that reminds me of the first Airborne mission from CMBN (I believe it came from the repository.) I think I am being too ambitious... I keep trying to come up with something that has AI plans for both sides. As it stands, I think I have something workable...


PanzerMike is right, more scenario editors seem to be entering the fray.

And by doing so, people like you, Seinfeld and PanzerMike, inspire people like me to make new missions.

Crappy missions, but missions nonetheless.

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You're right, the downside of these small scenarios is that they are "canned" and can only offer so many surprises. The benefit of course, is that they take no time at all to make! The more fun scenarios I can make the better. Plus I get a lot of enjoyment out of making the maps, the scenario portion is just so I can get the maps out there! Right now I'm trying to do one scenario a week.




Don't hesitate to post your scenario, so we can give you feedback! And yes, sometimes people try to do too much with a scenario and forget that the original CMx1 had NO AI plans, and when you were the attacker vs the AI, the AI mostly just sat there! There's a reason all of my scenarios so far have you as the attacker...

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Thank you for making these scenarios. I downloaded "Amongst the Ruins" and it is exactly the size I enjoy. 

Excellent map and very sensible OOB. Cleanly written briefing. Scenario has a great feel to it so far.

That miserable rain and the destruction.

My pioneers thought they heard a harmonica and Russian voices singing something about a girl named "Katusha"...

I guess they'll know soon enough as we are headed into the factory in a few minutes....


Keep them coming! :D

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Playing "Amongst the Ruins" at present.  It has a very strong Stalingrad feeling to it.  Very nicely done.  There was a striking screenshot from my battle that I had to post. 




Incensed at the loss of Oberleutnant Rausch and the wounding of his partner and friend, Schütze Teichert exacted a terrible revenge.



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Happy you liked it Miggo! Let me know what you think of Interlock OP as well.


Heinrich, great photo! You don't find the new flamethrower stuff used very often in scenarios, so I tried to include it here so we get a chance to play with all the fun goodies in the game. You definitely made good use of it!

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