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Hard copy or Digital download

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The DRM issues are generally overblown and/or historical. SOP regarding reinstalls has changed markedly since the early days of CMx2: you get additional reinstalls by default, and your downloads don't go out of date. With the master installer, you shouldn't have any trouble that a ticket to the helpdesk won't solve pretty handily. And if you're outside the USA, you won't have to pay the Customs authority in your home territory any money, like you would if you get the imported CDs. In the UK the arbitrarily-assessed duty can double the cost of receiving the game.

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If you download the game, STORE THE FILE!!!! Really. Grab a thumbdrive or carve a spot on your harddrive.


Exactly. Thumb drives are small, cheap, and they have a lot of storage space,so they are IMO the best way to ensure your installation files are securely backed up. Just create a text file as well with your installation keycodes, and you're good to go. 

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