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Mac users - video capture software?

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Fellow Mac users!  For those who capture video footage, what is your preferred video software?  Now that I have mastered screen shots (I know, real hard eh?) I am interested in venturing into this realm of video footage.  Any advice, suggestions and recommendations would be most appreciated.

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I'm not a MAC user but I do believe Open Broadcast Software has a MAC version;




Good thing is it is free, updated regularly and works great.


Many tutorials on Youtube to help you get started.



Many thanks!  Quicktime Player does a decent job, but lacks editing...I will check out your recommendation

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QuickTime Player 10.x: Record your computer’s screen > https://support.apple.com/kb/PH5882?locale=en_US


editing can then be done in iMovie > https://www.apple.com/uk/mac/imovie/


Hope you have plenty of hard drive capacity....



I just tried using iMovie for the last hour....trimmer is always greyed out as well as other editing options. Frustrating

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Wicky that did work out.  I love the simple, quick and effective Quicktime editing to do the most basic trimming and linking clips.  In iMovie, I was able to add text transitions and music to my CM movie clip.....sweet.  Thanks again for your help

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Voila software seems to have the function to inc inbuilt audio - and at the more expensive end there's..."Snapz Pro X is a quantum leap in video capture technology, adroitly capturing full motion video of anything on your screen at a blistering pace, complete with digital audio, and an optional microphone voiceover."


Try the demos for each of the apps to see which you get on with.

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