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This is what makes the game interesting. How many complaints have there been posted that have to do with AI inadequacy versus graphics inadequacy. Most are concerned with the AI. We dont want BF to go off on a tangent and creat an entirly new game with great cardboard but crappy dice. A little pun there. poppys

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As I was saying, There are some 16000 registerd members, and probably most of these are on line players, or at least most of the on line players are registerd members....Hence, question, how many copies of CM did BF sell, hopefully a lot more than 16000, And, subtract 16000 from this total of copies sold and you have the number of buyers that play against the AI. poppys

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I think alot of people who play CM, like it because of the authenticity as a tactical simulator. People who want intense graphics and fast action will lose interest quickly. Alot of us, including myself, come from a background of playing tedius cardboard wargames that took many hours days or months to play--for us the graphics are a great improvement but definately a second order in priority.

From what I have seen on these forums, BFC/BTS know their customers well and are of the same ilk themselves. I for one am not too worried.

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