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Hello Combat Mission Community,

I have recently made the plunge into the combat mission series. I got Red Thunder as my first game, and I am enjoying it greatly. I have a lot to learn, but I am getting to controls down.


The one problem i'm having, is that there is no 1080p setting, I am using a 1080p monitor but, i don't see an option to enable it. I set the screen to "Desktop" but I'm not sure if its using the full 1080p. Is there a way to force 1080p, or is the "desktop" setting doing this?


Thanks for the quick troubleshooting,


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There is a file to look peek at as well. If it shows 0 0 it means desktop. You can manually tweak it for other resolutions.

I've forgotten which folder it's in. Sorry.


That would be...


Documents/ Battlefront/ Combat mission/ Red thunder


Here you will se a textfile named - display size


open it and change the zeros to...


1920 1080 60 and save it (there should be a blank space between 1920 and 1080 and also between 1080 and 60...60 is your prefered refresh rate...

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