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concrete bunker burning

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hi guys


i was just playing the 3rd mission in the welcome to sicily campaing and something strange happend, i had 2 shermans firing at a concrete bunker and  after a few shots there was an explosion and the bunker started to burn. i have been playng combat mission for a few years now and i have never seen this happen before. so i'm wondering is this happend to someone else before or is this some weird glitch or something i am seeing here because i find it very strange that a concrete bunker would burst into flames.

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Ammo? Perhaps that bunker was the storeroom for blankets and lantern kerosene? Cordage stored inside to keep dry before being used to build wooden bunkers? 


In-game, perhaps that was an ammo-dump?


I really don't recall, one way or the other, anything about concrete bunker behavior after being knocked out.

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Welcome aboard!


Soldiers live in the bunker. They have their combustible packs, which are full of combustibles (spare uniform, socks, tobacco, books, mags or newspaper) plus blankets, bedding, mattresses (made of straw, horsehair or even feathers) and anything similar they can obtain "outside of normal channels." They'll probably have a stove of some sort in there, too, together with fuel. Ammo explodes nicely, as do hand grenades and other toys.  Wooden packing crates, cardboard cartons and such are also a ready meal for fire.


Think of it this way. If your house were made of concrete and the interior was subjected to instantaneous enormous temperatures, what would happen? On balance, concrete is practically fire immune, but practically everything else will, under the right conditions, burn. 




John Kettler

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