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More Bulge Info! (and a few screenshots...)

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Hey guys!


So I figured you could use a new info dump on the upcoming Bulge title... ;)


Bulge is currently our primary development effort, and is currently in Alpha. Here's a few screenshots and some quick info. I've only got a couple screenshots to share, since most of the new stuff is still being textured. They're attached to the post.


Basic Info:

Covers October 1944 - January 1945

This is a separate game from CMBN, NOT a module or expansion of CMBN!

The emphasis is obviously on the Battle for the Bulge, but other western front operations are also in play, including the Hürtgen Forest, Aachen, Nordwind, etc.

A future Module will expand the game all the way to VE-Day, focusing on operations within Germany from February to May.



Bulge will use Engine 3.0 for CMx2, which is the same engine version used for Red Thunder and Black Sea. All applicable new features from those titles will be rolled together into Bulge. That includes mounted vehicle mortars on-map and... tank riders for American/German vehicles are in!



1 Training campaign.

1 American campaign - the current plan is something revolving around Bastogne.

1 German campaign covering KG Peiper.

20(ish) standalone scenarios and a big set of QB maps, as usual.

There are also a number of master maps being made of some famous areas in the Bulge.



US Army

Infantry formations

Armored Infantry formations

Airborne Infantry formations

Tank and Tank Destroyer formations

A "straggler" formation consisting of ad-hoc infantry

German Forces

Heer formations

Waffen-SS formations

Fallschirmjäger formations

Luftwaffe field division formations

Volksgrenadier formations

Gebirgsjäger formations

Custom Kampfgruppe formations seen during Bulge operations.



(this list would be REALLY long, so I'm just going to include some highlights. My vehicle tracking list is about 130-140 items long)

(NOTE: this is a preliminary list and is NOT FINAL. The items on it may change)


US Vehicles:

M24 Chaffee light tank

M4 Sherman Crab

Later variants of many Sherman models

M4A3(75)W w/ hull-mounted flamethrower

M4A3E2(75) Sherman Jumbo

M4A3E2(76) Sherman Jumbo

M4A3E2(75) Sherman Jumbo w/ hull-mounted flamethrower

M4A3E8(76) "Easy Eight" Sherman

M18 GMC tank destroyer

M36 GMC tank destroyer

M36B1 GMC tank destroyer

M15A1 AA halftrack

M16 AA halftrack

M4A1 mortar halftrack (mortar able to fire onboard the halftrack and on-map)

M21 mortar halftrack (mortar able to fire onboard the halftrack and on-map)

M12 155mm GMC


German Vehicles:

Tiger II (Henschell turret)


Hetzer w/ flamethrower





Later variants of many SP guns, tanks, and tank destroyers

JPz IV/70


Flakpanzer 38(t)



Sdkfz 10/5

Sdkfz 7/1

Sdkfz 7/2

PSW 233

PSW 234/3

PSW 234/4

Mortar halftracks






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Will the German vehicles include modified & disguised Panthers?








"Investigation of four German Panther tanks knocked out in the Malmedy area in the December breakthrough in Belgium revealed that the tanks were carefully and cleverly disguised as U.S. M10 gun motor carriages. 

After inspecting the tanks and realizing the amount of time, work, and materials involved in order to imitate the appearance of the M10, Ordnance intelligence investigators expressed the opinion that these disguised tanks, used in the proper tactical situation and at the proper time, would have caused considerable damage. 
Because the false vehicle numbers of the tanks knocked out were B-4, B-5, B-7, and B-10, investigators concluded that at least ten similarly disguised tanks might have been in action. 
Inside the one tank which was not blown up too badly to be inspected were found items of U.S. clothing such as a helmet, overcoat, and leggings. To heighten the deception, U.S. stars were painted on both sides and also on the top of the turret, the entire tank was painted O.D., and U.S. unit markings were painted on the false bow and rear. 
In disguising the Panther the distinctive cupola was removed from the turret and two semicircular hatch covers were hinged in its place to the turret top in order to cover the opening. In addition, it was necessary to remove extra water cans, gas cans, the rammer staff container, and other external accessories. The tank then was camouflaged or disguised with sheet metal, that used on the turret and upper bow being three twenty-seconds of an inch thick and that on time sides of the hull being nine sixty-fourths of an inch thick. The lower part of the false bow was thicker, possibly made of double plates. To accomplish the deceptive modifications, which pointed to at least fourth or fifth echelon alterations, the work probably was done by maintenance units rather than at a factory. The work probably was divided into four sections: turret, bow, rear, and sides.The turret was disguised by using five pieces of sheet metal, two of which were cut to resemble the distinctive sides of the M10 turret and then were flanged on the edges, bent to shape, and stiffened with small angle iron. The gun shield was carefully formed from another sheet to the exact shape of the M10 shield, and a hole was made to the right of the gun hole in the shield for the co-axial M.G. 34, a hole which does not exist in the M10 shield. Two pieces of sheet metal made up the rear of the turret, one representing the bottom slant surface of the rear and one representing the counterweight. The pieces representing the sides and rear were joined together and braced with angle iron, and the whole was attached to the turret. The false gun shield was attached to the Panther gun shield, and all the lifting rings, brackets, extra-armor studs, etc., found on the M10 turret were carefully duplicated and welded to the false turret. 
Approximately four pieces of sheet metal, shaped to imitate as closely as possible the contours of the M10 bow, made up the false bow, necessary because the Panther bow is bulkier than the M10. The false bottom was shaped to give the characteristic appearance of the front drive sprocket housing of the M10, and the top was shaped carefully and various component pieces attached to the front of the tank. All the brackets, lifting rings, towing devises, etc., of the M10 bow were also imitated. A square opening was cut in the false bow to permit the use of the bow M.G. 34, but a removable cover attached with a small chain was made for this opening.
The false rear was made of sheet metal. It was a faithful duplicate of the M10 rear except for two holes to permit the twin exhaust elbows of the Panther to protrude. 
An attempt was made to imitate the skirting armor of the M10 which appears to hang lower than the side armor of the Panther and is bevelled in at the bottom. A long flat strip of sheet metal was attached to the sides parallel to the ground, and a vertical sheet strip was attached at right angles to this strip to give the appearance of low skirting armor. 
Features which aid in recognizing disguised Panthers and which cannot be camouflaged easily are: 
1. The distinctive Panther bogie suspension. (The M18 motor gun carriage now has a somewhat similar suspension.) 
2. The muzzle brake on the 7.5 cm Kw.K. 42. 
3. The wide and distinctive track of the Panther tank."
From U.S. War department April 1945.
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Plus Stug 




German vehicles with American Olive Drab paint and displayed white stars.


Plus 5 StuG IIIs operational (pic)

4 SdKfz 250/1s operational (pic) 
6 SdKfz 251/1s operational 
6 M3 halftracks-american operational 
6 SdKfz 234/1s operational 
4 M8 armored cars-american operational 
Not including jeeps etc.
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New uniforms! I sure hope we get some new mdr skeletons.


Maybe, right at this very moment, somewhere, some wonderfully talented sweetheart of a guy is working on this file?




or maybe this one?




Lots of room here for some great 3D art achievements that can kill all the winter birds with one stone.


GI cap. German toque. Mittens. L.L.Bean shoepacks.


Luftwaffe greatcoat under a 3/4 length camo jacket?




Bulky outfits mdr skeletons made now can have skins to be the quilted east front stuff for Soviets later with the CMRT module....

..I would never ever ever be in a hurry and file swap to get them into CMRT before that...

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I have a weird request. after Kohlenklau excellent Bulge mod for CMFI there was some talk of a winter  mod for CMBN. I made a very detailed map for Wardin Belgium for the battle of Wardin (501st). I hate to see the man hours wasted. Can I give it to someone on the team doing QBs, maybe they can convert it to the new Bulge game and use it, I must have spent 25 hours on that map.



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Can you tell us about any new snow effects on movement/combat ?


Sturmtiger right away and not in a module. Cool. IIRC they operate in a platoon of 2. And Fallschirmjaegers right away too in a possible change of plans, unless Chris, like Rick in Casablanca, was misinformed. ;)

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