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Just wondering if this is correct...

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In Combat Mission Fortress Italy V1.20 if I go to the Editor, select 'British Army' then a Formation unit, say a Forward Observer then in Specialist Teams, 'Vickers', I get a 'Machinegun Detachment (Vickers)' consisting of 3 men armed with a Thompson a Vickers machinegun and a rifle. If I do the same thing in Combat Mission Battle for Normandy v3.11 Game Engine 3, I get a '2IC Team (Vickers)' consisting of 3 men armed with Stens. No Vickers Machinegun. Is that how it should be?

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Well, that looks like a buglet. I note that you can't pick a straight "Infantry" FO "formation" (at least in September), and have to pick a Mech Inf one... I also tried it with picking an Antitank battery as the "parent" formation, and got similar result "2IC Team" but with the second member having a rifle instead of the Sten (or the Vickers he should be toting).


Going to Brit, Airborne Infantry (where there is a "FO" formation, not that I think it's anything to do with the parent...), I get a 4 man team with a Vickers as expected.

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I suspect the ready availability of MG teams in infantry formations, including self-contained machine gun-based formations (the Support Company) means that it's rare for people to want to buy standalone MGs in QBs. However, looking at the cost, the overhead for having the command teams, combined with the Formation surcharge means you'd be better off buying MGs as "specialist teams" even if you're going for a whole company of 'em: you only get four MGs per support company... So if people were being "points-efficient" and playing with Brit infantry-only games, they would have noticed this sooner. So they're either not too bothered about their points or are tending to go for the mechanised infantry units...


Interestingly, I noticed while checking that a "Detachment" was just the single gun, that the 2IC team of a self-contained "Support Company" has the icon of an MG team. I'd deleted the 2IC team of the motor rifle battalion Support Company, so I don't know whether that one does too.

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