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OPFOR starting position


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Sorry Splinty I worded my question wrong. What I meant to say was... Is it possible to make AI reinforcements appear in different locations for different IA plans? If "A" Company arrives at one place for one plan, is it possible for it to arrive in a different place for a different plan?

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Yes.  When you deploy units from the purchase page you give them default locations.  Those deployed locations are what a human player will see and will be the default for any AI plans that do not override those locations.


You can define up to five AI plans.  Each one of those plans allows you to give a setup order to each of your groups.  That is how you control the starting location of your AI groups.  On your unit purchase screen you can assign those purchased units to AI groups.  In the AI editing screen you can select a plan to work with and then select a group.  For each group in the plan there will be a set of orders for them to follow.  The first order is their setup order.  If you paint on an area of the map members of that group will setup (according the AI) in that area.  If you do not paint an area on the map they will start in their default location.


So, in this way you can provide up to five different locations for your AI controlled forces.


When you are testing in Scenario Author mode be aware that while you are setting up the human controlled side the AI will be in the default locations because an AI plan has not been picked yet.  To see where the AI sets up you have to push the BRB to view the first turn.

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For units to appear at different locations you need to do the following.


1. Allocate the required units to a specific AI orders group.

2. Paint set up zones for that specific AI group in the AI editor. If you use all 5 plan slots then that allows for 5 different locations.

3. For small groups or groups consisting of a single unit only you can paint numerous set up locations within the same AI plan and the group will set up in one of the locations on a random basis. This method works less well for bigger groups as in same cases all the units within the AI group may all co-locate in the same set up zone leading to massive overcrowding and poor game play.

4. All the AI set up locations must be within the same coloured deployment zone created in the map editor.


Open up the editor and take a peak at some the the scenarios that have differing set up locations for the AI as this will help you understand my poor explanation.


As far as I'm aware the set up location for reinforcements cannot be changed from the position on the map where the unit is physically placed in the editor.




Edit I should type quicker as Ian beat me to it.

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The setup for the AI reinforcements will be the one you made in the editor / units / reinforcements that is for the timing, for the location it will be the one made  in the editor / units / deploy view. 

It does not matter how many AI plans you have made, the deploy set up location will be the one used from the start. There is no other way, since there is only one set up available.


However, if you don't want to use the deployment location you put them on, as written above,  they could be located at the first AI set up order square you draw in the editor.



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