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Hungarian Mod

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I am working out how to make new normal map files for my uniforms with scalloped pocket flaps. It will just be one of those things where you have to stop everything to learn how to use an entirely separate program to pump out the file format I need back here in CMRT. It is a bit frustrating and my first easy reaction is to just ditch this entire project. But deep down I really want to learn how to mod these uniforms so I will not give up. But it will take a while. Recoloring existing uniforms is no problem. The normal files stay the same. Significant changes to a uniform need a new normal map or the details just don't pop out on screen. :D

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I really tried to copy what I saw! I even named them: the lady's high heel shoe, the swan, the skinny beeked bird, donald duck, the dove. 

Now I will play seamstress and cut it into patterns to make the shelter quarter draped over the soldier using the greatcoat mdr. I have rivets and tassles ready for where needed.

I have a hood. benpark told me how to ease troubles when making the normal map.


But I gotta go finish a Valkenswaard southern suburbs map so this project will chill a few days... :D

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I didn't like how it turned out for the Hungarian shelter quarter using photos of the camo, so I made my own.


Why are you putting up pictures of dead babies, phallic objects and other perverse things? Ohhh wait, I miss my appointment this month.

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The more I study a few examples the more clearly I see specific shapes! Now I think I see a Tyranousaurus rex. Whoever came up with the original pattern must have had some inside jokes?


Anyway, I decided to do it over from the start because I didn't like the scaling and some errors I made in how the patterns synchronize...

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As a note to myself and the 1 or 2 other people who might be following this mod development saga. :D


Hungarian mod Parts:

1. voice mod. in progress to rename the hungarian voice files brought over from CMBB. 

2. Hungarian name file: rewritten and tested.

3. Hungarian helmets: a. in progress still to make it look better, b. also to make one with chicken wire once the color is finalized c. and a cloth camo cover version once the camo is done.

4.  Hungarian uniforms with scalloped pockets, in progress, top pockets are done, working on bottom pockets. closed tunic collar. have to do normal maps once it is all complete.

5. Hungarian shelter quarter worn over greatcoat. In progress to improve the camo pattern and then edit and overlay it. and normal maps.

6. Hungarian Hetzer: needs some more clean up work to get rid of the previous camo scheme.

7. Hungarian  StuG; not started yet.

8. truck and ATG: not started yet

9. Juju UI mod submods: in progress by Juju

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Anybody want to take a stab at modding a Hungarian Opel Blitz? A good project for a first time vehicle modder! Just slap some Hungarian license plates on it, a new national cross, some other divisional insignia or tac markings, vehicle number and some fuzzy dice from the rear view mirror? Or my all time favorite, the mud flaps with that symbol of the reclining woman? PM me...


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I am trying to make a brown leather y-strap for the Hungarian soldiers. I used color blending layer mode...maybe not the right technique.

Juju has just about finished all the chores I asked him to do. I have portaits and weapons slot images to look Hungarian. Thanks Juju.

Here is an example...


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